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Posted by Weekend Flyer | Oct 15, 2011 @ 08:32 PM | 4,323 Views
What do you do when the front end of your Sky Surfer has seen more punches than Mohammed Ali? Rather than repair it I decided to go extreme and see what I could come up with. It actually flies pretty good. Rolls and loops are very crisp.
Posted by Weekend Flyer | Mar 06, 2011 @ 02:17 AM | 17,944 Views
Sky Surfer Motor Upgrade : Brushless InRunner Motor Upgrade with a GWS motor mount that allows you to change the motor without having to split the fuselage open. Motor can be easily removed with a screwdriver through the hole on the front.

Sky Surfer Motor Upgrade Supplies:
HXT 2838 (380S) 2200 KV Brushless Inrunner HobbyKing # HXT2835-2200
BL Motor Mount 28 mm HobbyKing # GWEMM28TS
Shaft Adaptor for 3.175 mm motor shaft HobbyKing # JY3.175
APC 6 x 4 EP Pusher Prop # LP 06040EP (from local hobbyshop)
5 Min Epoxy

Break off the tabs on the side of the GWS motor mount as they are not needed. Sand the motor mount lightly so that the epoxy adheres better. Install the prop and wrap the motor with wax paper to prevent it from sticking to the plane later when glueing it in (it is removed later). Mount the motor into the GWS motor mount using the screws that came with the motor mount. Align the assembly in the fuselage half and make sure the prop clears the fuselage before cutting out the notch on the plane. Carefully align the other half of the fuselage, mark with a pen and cut out notch. Double check for good fit and trim foam as needed. Glue motor assembly into one of the fuselage halves. Make sure you use 5 min epoxy and hold the motor assembly in place straight while it dries.

I used a pusher prop rather than reversing a regular prop. This allows the motor to spin counter clockwise when viewed from the back of plane thus preventing the nut of the shaft adaptor...Continue Reading