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Posted by XstarWake | Aug 01, 2013 @ 02:25 PM | 3,254 Views

This is my first blog ever.

What you can see in this Blog :
My building experience, building photos and videos, flying videos, hangar and workshop photos and much more.

Ok, let me talk a little about me and my family :
I just turned 32, and always been in RC since the age of 14. I started on the ground, racing 1/10th stock indoor, then, went to nitro 1/10 racing, then nitro 1/8 Buggy/Truggy outside. Then, an accident happened to my father (who was my pit guy, and happened to Marshall at the wrong time and wrong place). He was getting a Buggy on his wheels and another Buggy did hit his heel and open the heel and emergency we went. That did put an halt on the Ground Machines RCs.…. My baby at that time was a Team Associated SC8 nitro. By FAR the most fun car/truck I ever owned. After the incident, I sold all my RC gear because I was too pissed off and bummed that my dad was hurt because of me. I remembered trading a Buggy for a Air Transmitter. I sold everything sooooo cheap just to get rid of it super quickly. Then, after about 4 months, the heel of my dad recovered and healed properly. Now it was time for me to get another addiction for RC. A friend of mine wanted for me to come see him Fly his Parkzone P-51. He said that I will watch him, and ill be wanted to have one the same day. Turned out, that he was right. Watched him fly… then, came back home, and started the discussion with my wife about me getting into the hobby again but Flying this time. My...Continue Reading