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Posted by C team MOD | Aug 06, 2012 @ 12:11 PM | 3,124 Views
I have made a special canopy for my V929 called EvilİBug, it fit as well on other mini quads (not mqx, thanks to jlcamp7 to notice me) as long as frame and board look like V929.

It is made of black slightly clear acrylic material then you can see light controler thru canopy. Strips are made of Carbon imitation stickers.
Weight 10 grams
Price is 5€ shipping FROM FRANCE is not included
+5,90€ shipping to USA (economic PRIORITY parcel)
+5,70€ shipping to France (colissimo)
Find below pictures.
Black version
Red version
Clear transparent version coming soon..... DIY personnalized

How to order : by making a payment through paypal to the following account: cteammod@live.fr.
The price of a canopy is 5 € + shipping cost (regardless of the number of units you order, shipping cost will be those listed above)
Each canopy has 2 holes on its side so it can be screwed to the frame with 2 screws (included).
You need to drill on frame 2 holes diameter 1,5 mm
Before confirming payment, please leave a message indicating the number of units and color you want.
If you forget, you can always send a message to the email address above.
Enjoy Flying