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Posted by pigmypuncher | Sep 11, 2016 @ 05:32 PM | 1,165 Views
I had a friend asking about my Tiny Whoop - what components I had chosen, costs and what I though of the whole thing to include other vendor's similar products. I thought a build log might be the best place to track all that info even though the only actual build is soldering 2 wires onto the Flight Controller, and backing out three screws before adding in the camera mount...
Building your own ~ 170.00 but can easily reach 240.00+ depending on your choices
Fortunately, I was able to purchase most of my parts at my favorite LHS in Lewisville for a reasonable price. Andy has been increasing the amount of DIY stuff he carries over the years and it really paid off for me last month when I decided to jump in and build a Tiny Whoop. Dollar amounts referenced are approximate and do not reflect tax & shipping as applicable. I've also included nice to have and alternative items along with required items in the list, so the items I purchased are all in bold below:
  • Blade Inductrix BNF ~ 50.00 (I already have a radio)
  • Camera Mount: ~ 2.50
    I have purchases several mounts from different vendors, and for slow flying I prefer the one by Tiny Whoop. The material is flexible, and the design has more material surrounding the camera base which results in a better fit for holding my Hyperion HP-FP58Minicam25. link: Tiny Whoop Camera mount 10^
    This is super easy to install:
    Determine the front of the Inductrix - *hint - the battery cable leads originate off the back
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