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Posted by pigmypuncher | Sep 11, 2016 @ 05:32 PM | 2,786 Views
Inductrix -> Tiny Whoop (redux)
So much has happened since the Tiny Whoop (TW) first exploded on the micro fpv quadcopter scene last year that this log really needed a major update (and not so many rabbit runs off the main path)- so here is an updated version of that log. For starters, here are some links to several vendors that sell TW items that I used in my build:
The guys that started it all: https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections/all
BNF Inductrix: http://www.horizonhobby.com/multirot...ix-bnf-blh8780
batteries & motors: https://micro-motor-warehouse.com/collections/tinywhoop
camera mount/frame stiffener: https://www.rakonheli.com/multirotor...-inductrix-fpv
carry case, printed camera mount, antennae protectors: http://www.rockstaralchemist.com/
I originally started this log when a friend was asking about my TW build - what components I had chosen, costs and what I though of the whole thing. Since it's initial introduction, Blade (with a nod to the TW guys) have introduced the FPV Inductrix along with several Chinese knock offs. Folks have even developed drop in FCs for the original frame. I'm going to cover the items I've used and point out a few things we've learned in the months that followed the initial TW builds (I'll add some RCG discussion links at the end). But first, the big question - what I though of the whole thing - they are AWESOME! I fly mine in the house every chance I get. It's small enough to fly under chairs, through desk...Continue Reading