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Posted by timmybeetle | Oct 31, 2011 @ 04:23 PM | 4,899 Views
Hi fooks

this was my second plane and it flew very well, but sadly my flying skills weren't that good in beginning so I crashed a couple of times.
Also flying to the limit is something you can do but be aware of wind.....

After my last major crash I put it in the garage and last week I started to rebuild this plane.
I glued wing to fuselage because my front was completely damaged.
Also I cut of cockpit in order to get inside fuselage to assembly servo, rcvr and access to LIPO, esc area.
Also I use an elevator part (yellow) from my crashed P51D ArtTech Mustang, this plane was ready for the trash so I trow it away.

I use an 3536-910KV motor no brand ECS 30A and a 3S2200 LIPO.
Prop is 10E7 and last Sunday (30-11-2011) I performed a first test flight.
I had to adjust my elevator and ailerons and noticed that motor had to be adjusted to give more down and side trust (right).
Also I moved aileron servos into wing to have a direct control of these.

So tonight I painted my Bearcat in a new color layout and will do some fine tuning.

Today 1 november 2011 finished my rebuild see pics below.

Also I have to make me a new cowl and than I will see how it ends...

Bearcat F8F Maiden Flight (1 min 25 sec)

Bearcat F8F Second Flight (4 min 11 sec)
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Posted by timmybeetle | Oct 01, 2011 @ 04:37 PM | 4,923 Views

Visit here too see my vids


also interesting stuff


Also one of my favorite planes.

I only had to adjust a small amount of rake for LG.
I got a V1-1/2 because flaps where installed? only motor was 3648/520Kv with a 3 blade prop holder.

I bought me a 4 blade adapter and prop and that's giving me 800 watt's of power and 3200 grams of static trust, weight of plane is around 2200 grams.

Also I painted cockpit area inside black and outside blue.

and I make this Bomb, air outake mod. see pics

after flying this plane last year I was tiered of assemby wing, so I modified it..

works perfect for me,

LG didn't work anymore so I modified that also plus motor.

see here



greets Hans

May 2013 prop update and 3"dubro Diamond Lite Wheels

I changed my Wheels by 3" Dubro see pics, also I wanted to modify my prop too a bigger one from FMS 1700mm P47.
I can change back to stock 4 blade prop just wanted to see how it looks and do a testflight when weather is ok.
I have an Turnigy 5055-580Kv motor in it so I have to be careflul with throttle...
Will do a power measurement when I'm on flying field.
Just tested at home with a 3S200 Lipo it seems to run smoothly.
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