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Posted by michaelpowell | Mar 29, 2013 @ 10:32 AM | 2,265 Views
Having started with Dieter Schluters first helicopter, the Cobra, back in 1971, I find the 450s to be very poorly designed with screws that are too small, have to be glued into place, battery holders that are just too tiny, and tail tubes that rely on friction to do their job. Even the motor has to be pushed by hand into place and locked without the sophistication of an adjusting screw to move it closer to the main drive pulley.

The design faults go on and on - the main gears are plastic, for example, while the faster-spinning motor pinion is steel. Thats a recipe for stripping gear teeth.

Anyway, eventually, it can be made to work, but only if you buy two and keep replacing the parts that fall off.

So, then the beginner, and its mainly those who buy the 450, will stop the helicopter from self-destructing and will start to collide with things instead. One of the many reasons is that 'experts' mistakenly advise the wrong main blade pitch range. Beginners need something modest for hover-practice, perhaps zero to 8 degrees, with hovering at just about mid stick giving 4 or five degrees.

Equally, they need modest control movements to avoid heavy-handed over-control. Unfortunately that probably means they have to start wrestling with the settings in a computerised transmitter. These have all the ease of an old style video cassette recorder.

So in comes the Flymentor.

Now if you look at the many pages about this device, you might think it was the work of the...Continue Reading