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Posted by ombudsman | Apr 23, 2011 @ 12:17 PM | 3,412 Views
I have put this long entry here, so no one will feel put upon.

A long time ago, I realized that the main attraction of flying to me is that it feels good. I thought about this a lot, wondering why flying could actually physically feel good. I remembered reading somewhere that accomplished pianists, after watching and listening to some other accomplished player, find their playing muscles fatigued. Their bodies had been subliminally playing along. It struck me that dancers probably feel the same sort of thing. I realized that when I fly, some part of me is with the plane, and, in that sense, I'm up there too, diving, looping, rolling, snapping and spinning, or just sweeping down from up high. It feels good.

I, from my first trainer through a number of different planes of different types, gravitated to extremely nimble, relatively slow-flying fun-fly planes. For a year or more, before laying the hobby down in 2000 and at the peak of my modest skills, I flew StickIt IIs. It was with this plane that I realized that what I was doing was sky dancing.

I started flying again a year or two ago and progressed through a slow-flyer foamy to a 3-D foamy to a PA Electric Shock to a PA Addiction which is my all time favorite.

Now, I like airplanes, models and full-scale, and appreciate a beautiful or interesting model. For my own flying, though, I could not care any less whether my plane looks like an airplane or not. The plane is an instrument to me. Its construction (at least of PA planes) reminds me strongly of a musical instrument, like a violin. The difference is that this instrument is, to me, an instrument of dance.

I'm just an average flyer, skillwise, and I make no claims that I'm a good sky dancer. Sky Dancing is, though, what I love to do.