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Posted by jpm1 | Oct 03, 2012 @ 05:40 PM | 12,011 Views
To continue with my passion for strange old planes I have started a build of a 1/6 scale DH2. I have almost completed the plug for the fuselage mould, I'm going to use carbon box section for the wing spars, I have almost finished cutting all the wing ribs and I hope to start putting things together soon.
The rigging on this plane is fairly busy to say the least and should pose a good challenge.
The parts are slowly starting to trickle in. Rigging screws and pulleys on their way. Scale wheels and dummy radial engine as well. Plug almost ready to flop a mould off.
More parts starting to roll in. Nearly have all the wings finished. Need to sort out some silver soldering (haven't done it for 25 years). Got the motor and speedy during the week as well. Got to work out how I'm going to install the battery and servos, etc... The plans are very vague when it comes to those details.
I now have all the little brass PE parts on order from Arizona Models, that should save me a heap of time.
I have now made a cowling out of the mould, but I think I will do another one as the first is a bit heavy. At least it fits without too much drama. Still waiting on the parts from the US so I can really start to make it look like a plane.
A little more progress, but slow. As you can see I have started building the dummy Gnome engine. I now have the PE parts from the US as well. I have made a new lighter GRP cowling for the fuselage and have started on the landing gear. More updates as it...Continue Reading