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Posted by jpm1 | Jul 24, 2012 @ 06:40 PM | 8,794 Views
For those that are interested I thought I would start this and see what happens. I have almost finished building my first scratch build RC plane. Its not the first plane I have started but it will be the first one I finish.
The plans call for a 46 glow engine, but I have decided to go electric. I have an OS 750kv motor with a 12x8 prop and a 12x10, (see which is better) running off 4S 3600mah battery. AUW will be around 3kg.
I have custom made the floats from fibreglass (plans show balsa construction) and the fuselage is balsa and glass.
At this stage its 90% complete, with 90% still to go!

The day came and it was time to get it in the air. Have a look and read my first flight review and some more pics.
Video now up in the blog.

Well all good things must come to an end. Flight #2 everything ready to go, throttle up and off she goes along the grass. Lift off, nose up, severe roll to the right, over correct, roll to the left, over correct, roll to the right, stall and nose straight into the ground from about 30 feet up..
Damage report: pretty much a complete right off, engine and electronics salvageable as with the wing. One float OK. The rest hmmmmmmm.
To make the rebuild easier I'm now forming a plug for the fuse so I can make it out of Fibreglass.

Finally got around to checking to see if the motor and electronics were OK. Good news all OK. Prop shaft is straight and no vibration, just broke the prop. One good thing about having long floats sticking out the...Continue Reading