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Posted by superdave42 | Jul 29, 2010 @ 10:57 AM | 8,748 Views
Spektrum guys need to get off their butts and develop a 2-3 axis gyro/rx system. (I have no idea whats going on behind their doors in R&D )

I hate to say it because I am normally only a super high end guy, and sometimes just super high lol.

Walkera is basically making E-Flite look sub par. I know e-flite makes solid reliable gear but cmon they let Walkera come out with a 3-axis system for sub micro helis lol.

Currently Fbl and gyro augmentation is used on high end systems/equipment. Mikado V-bar / beastX/ skookum robotics / and others are now the rage today in rc helicopter tech.

Very high end systems have been developed and cost several hundred dollars.

This is debatable.... But the walkera 3-axis gyro/rx not only is the most weight optimal system for palm size helicopters, it's the ONLY off the shelf system today. It may even be on par with Aligns 3G system. (no body would want to agree on that statement..)

I used to be a HUGE E-Flite advocate. They do make Good reliable and easy to use products. But today I have realized that their technology is lacking to the point where Walkera has now become the sub micro technology leader. (sure ok everything I am saying is subjective. That's CYA for ya ) right now, today the hottest topic in helicopters is ditching the flybar. Botom line FBL is all the rage right now. Walkera is serving that rage. Of course the Walkera offerings do not compete performance wise to Skookum/Mikado/BeastX/Align 3G... But...Continue Reading