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Posted by Billynapkin | Sep 14, 2010 @ 08:13 PM | 9,390 Views
Hello all I would like to start a build thread with this new plane that I just ordered from Aztec models. It is a 30cc MXS Slipstream made by EG aircraft. The specs on the plane are
Wing Span:72"(1830mm)
Wing Area:1026sq in(66.2sq dm)
WEIGHT: 9.9-11lbs(4500g-5000g)
ENGINE:.91-1.20(2C) 1.10-1.40(4C) 24-32cc gas
However, I plan on converting the plane over to electric. This is my first conversion, so I would like some guidance. I am not the greatest builder in the world, but I am decently skilled at flying planes. I will post the pictures of the plane right out of the box tomorrow, please give me some advise for batteries, esc, motor, servos and such. I have found a combo offerer from hacker that I was interested in please let me know what yall think