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Posted by pilot40874 | Nov 02, 2012 @ 04:38 PM | 3,505 Views
I actually bought this model from Nitro Planes at the January 2011 AMA Show at the Ontario Convention Center. However, I didn't actually put it together and fly it until almost a year and a half later! I've always liked the looks of the B-25, and I just didn't want to fly this plane until I had enough confidence in my RC flying (and landing) abilities.

The landing gear struts are very nicely detailed, but they can be delicate and easily destroyed. This isn't a plane that you can just bounce on the ground and fly it again. Or land in a crosswind sideways and expect it to survive. It needs to be flared to keep the nose wheel off the ground, lined up on the runway, and greased on every time, or else the gear can be damaged.

But it flys great and looks even better!...Continue Reading
Posted by pilot40874 | Aug 31, 2011 @ 04:26 PM | 5,540 Views
Here's my newest aquisition....a 78" B-17 from Hobbyking. I got a smoke'n deal. They had 1cent shipping and no tax....to my door via UPS it was only $219.95....complete with 4 ESCs, 4 motors, all the wiring installed and connected, AND very nice electric retracts, too! All I did was glue the wings together, and install the horizontal and vertical stabilizers. The only thing I've had to replace are the stock propellers, which could barely produce enough thrust to keep the plane in the air under full throttle.

After replacing them with new MAS 9x7x3 props and aluminum prop adapters and spinners from the Parkzone Stinson, she flys like a dream...
SLOW and SCALE. It just lumbers along in the air...floats so slow, you'd think it would fall out of the sky. And it touches down so softly...just like the real airplane.

It's a lot of fun to see it flying majestically in the air on a cool, clam, morning.

Eventually, I intend to detail it up, weather it and maybe give it a new coat of paint, but for now, I'm having a blast. Had it since Auguest, and I've already got over 130+ flights on it!.

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Posted by pilot40874 | Apr 16, 2011 @ 09:42 PM | 4,359 Views
I just love this plane....it flys great, looks great, and even though it's been wrecked multiple times....after some rebuilding and repainting, it looks better than ever. It's the Banana Hobby P-38. I liked it so much, I've bought another airframe just in case. Although, it would have to be run over and flattened by a Mac Truck in order to keep it from being repaired. It's made from tough EPO foam and really takes a beating.

Great thing about these warbirds...the more beat up they get....the better they look!
Posted by pilot40874 | Dec 17, 2010 @ 09:06 PM | 4,556 Views
This is my very first larger RC airplane. Up until I bought the C-47, all I had flown were the ultra micros. I started with the Champ, moved on to Micro T-28, learned how to fly a 4 channel, and then bought the Dynam Skytrooper.

I really like this plane. I painted it up (it comes in unpainted white foam), detailed it out, and I've been having a ball with it ever since.

It tends to fly the best with a 3000mah battery, rather than the 2200mah that it comes with. The weight and balance is much better for landing, and the inflight characteristics are also more stable with the larger battery.

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