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Posted by jtravel | Jul 12, 2014 @ 03:27 PM | 5,611 Views
Devo 10 Binding,Setup and learning tips copied and compiled from other sources.

TX Needs to be flashed with Deviation 4.01 with a Model.ini file loaded and then bound to the LemonRX followed by performing the
RX Learning. EOX model.ini file provided at the End.

Below are the two switch assignments (other switches on the TX you can ignore). You basically want both switches in the middle or Position 1 on both switches for normal flying.

Mixer Switch Located on right side of TX on front face and is the longer of the two switches:


Position 1 = Sport Mode, majority of your flying will be done in this mode, full accelerometer stability

Position 2 = Expert Mode, full acro mode with accelerometers turned off. Not recommended unless you become a God at piloting

FMOD Switch Located on right side of TX on shoulder

Position 0 = Acrobatic Mode, only works when your Mixer Switch is set to Sport Mode, and allows for auto-flipping. Recommend not to use until you’re more seasoned

Position 1 = Normal Mode, majority of your flying will be done in this mode

Position 2 = Altitude Hold Mode, only works when your Mixer Switch is set to Sport Mode, will hold altitude until you touch throttle.

LemonRX Binding & Setup Instruction:
Note: It is highly recommend user to enable FailSafe. Some copters' controller does not have fail-safe system...Continue Reading
Posted by jtravel | May 04, 2014 @ 08:05 PM | 4,546 Views
I'm going to start collecting Problems and possible solutions Posted on the Main Xtreme thread.
It's hard to locate important information like this when looking for it.

Originally Posted by MatLi View Post

We did investigate further and found that there are two main possible reasons why motors won't spin up randomly on one side. They are:

- a lose wire connection to one of the motors
- too much moisture or moist dust/dirt layer on the flight controller (in most cases)

The EOX performs a system and motor driver check at start-up. In case that the PCBA is too moist or has a layer of moist dust, the motor driver check may fail since it detects a potential over current. This is a "false" alarm due to the additional current leaking due to the moist conditions. The test is only performed while arming the motors before each flight. The test is not performed during flights.

We will have a new firmware out and in production by June to address this issue which is more or less a "cosmetic" improvement. If you let your unit rest and sit for a while in an dry environment you will be able to fly again unless a wire connection is broken.

The new firmware will address 3 issues. We are are currently evaluating to provide firmware upgrade service within the USA for customers who wish to perform such upgrade. Please do not ask us now since we are still looking into a proper procedure. The issues are not failure or bug related but pure improvements. The new version includes:

a) Improvement: Motor driver check at start-up improved to address one side not arming issue (randomly)
b) New: Orientation LEDs will now also be used to indicate low battery status
c) Improvement: Gyro reset is only possible while motors are not armed (currently they can be armed while motors are at idle RPM -> throttle at zero while motors are armed)

V31 Firmware FC has been released with the above mentioned improvements.
Posted by jtravel | Dec 06, 2010 @ 09:35 AM | 5,503 Views
2 Bothers Hobby has a nice Flight School section on their website for beginners.