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Posted by SoaringDude | Feb 26, 2012 @ 10:58 AM | 9,657 Views
I just posted an article here in my club's RCG forum (SVSS forum) about using voltage regulators and voltage reducers to keep LiFe battery pack voltages under manufacturer's limits for many popular servos.

Comments/feedback welcome.

Chris B.
Posted by SoaringDude | Feb 22, 2012 @ 10:02 AM | 9,980 Views
At our local flying field yesterday afternoon trying out an 8oz ballast bar in 10-12mph winds. Impressions:
With ballast: Flys really well w/ 8oz bar, makes final approach more predictable in this kind of wind. One negative: it noticeably slows down response in thermal turns, makes it feel a little "laggy." However penetration is better and wins out overall.
Without ballast: You can definitely catch smaller thermals and bumps. You can land the plane okay w/o ballast in 10-12mph winds but you have to keep your speed up to buck the wind on final. I tended to land long on time until later in the afternoon. This plane responds very well to surfing into the wind with 2-4mm camber: it floats amazingly well in wind and allows you to stretch a flight out much better than my X3.8 (AUW 79oz).
Posted by SoaringDude | Feb 13, 2012 @ 11:54 PM | 12,948 Views
After flying 1 years with an Xplorer 3.8 that was built by Claude Turner, I decided to build one myself. Got the model at Visalia in Oct 2011 from Soaring USA (SUSA) for a great price but didn't actually start the build until December. This was my first ever molded plane build.

There are other excellent Xplorer build logs like this one from Tony Kilwein. So I decided to do this log with the idea that I might be able to help other beginner molded plane builders. I'm not describing every single step I took but rather I'm highlighting those areas that cost me more time given my lack of experience. I'm including many pics of the linkage for all control surfaces so it's easier to replicate on your first build.

First, I do owe a big THANK YOU to several people:
1. Ed Stewart, who has built many Xplorers. SUSA gave me his number when I asked detailed build questions and Ed had great answers. If you decide to get your Xplorer built by someone, I heartily recommend Ed. He knows his stuff and his fees are more than reasonable.

2. Scott Meader, our local build expert who also has built a ton of Xplorers. Scott was very willing to share some extremely valuable tricks and suggestions. Could not have done it without him.

3. Many others, include WebbSolution/Dave, Kilwein, Bob @ SUSA, Target, Tom Watson, Tuan, and others. Much of what I am relating in this build log I learned from them.

One more point: I'm a long time advocate of honest feedback when I do projects...Continue Reading
Posted by SoaringDude | Feb 13, 2012 @ 10:08 AM | 9,930 Views
I recently posted two more reports on RC Info Share's Voltage Regulator Tests page. These new reports show the results of performance tests for the Greentronic RegSlim linear regulator and the Castle 10A CC BEC switching regulator. Both products passed the tests although there are some important and significant differences about how they each do their job.

One note on the test plan itself: we are continually evolving the test methods to better test the regulators for performance in RC plane applications i.e. using the latest battery packs and more accurately simulating the loads they see in flight.

More tests coming...

Chris B.
Posted by SoaringDude | Feb 08, 2012 @ 10:47 AM | 9,854 Views
I just posted a new YouTube video showing how I approach launch and landing practice for thermal duration (TD) contests. I did it to answer questions from several friends but thought it was worth posting here. This video shows the last 4 landings during a 2-hour practice session at our club's field. Chris B.