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Posted by SoaringDude | Dec 16, 2011 @ 11:00 PM | 10,106 Views
Have finally decided to start up a basic website RC Info Share with the purpose of sharing RC soaring product comparisons. It will also be used to post product testing results.

The genesis of this site was driven by several RCG threads in the F3X forum on the topic of MKS Servos and voltage regulators for soaring use. The ongoing problem with using LiFePO4 ("LiFe") batteries with servos seems to have gotten worse specifically with MKS. i.e. they seem slightly more sensitive to voltages above 6v than other brands. Too bad since they are the tightest servos around with amazing centering performance.

So RC Info Share was launched to list specs for RC voltage regulators that can be used to reduce servo supply voltages in planes. Also created a "Voltage Reducer" section to show diode voltage reducer solutions which have a number of benefits over the typical regulators (including a board I designed and am producing for the soaring community).

I have the ability to add other website authors to this site so other areas can be opened up as needed.

Chris B.