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Posted by Bugler | Sep 03, 2010 @ 08:05 PM | 4,324 Views
Today I managed to fly without any crashes,,,,,good landings right where I wanted them. I got a very inexpensive flight simulator,,,control box and software program for under $20,,,it has helped me,, It is a great plane saver. There is a Phoenix Flight Simulator in my future. I am up to about 10 hours of flight time on it,,flying a Super Cub,,speaking of Super Cub I bought a used one here on RCGroups. It has been through a lot but it looks ok and it was a deal I couldn't pass on. I have found a big field to fly at,,,,plenty of room and good grass. I should have my Esky Dauphin Heli tomorrow,,,looking forward to that,,,,,I have been wearing down batteries on a old old Christmas present,,, Air Hog Heli Havoc and I am doing very well with it,,,,,,I bought a set of Heli training landing gear at Hobby Town the other day,,,need to make some mod's so it will work on the Dauphin,,,,it doesn't have landing gear,,,,just 3 wheels. Will be going camping at Lake Lanier Monday for 6 days,,,,,will take my Ham radio portable rig with me, my Ember 2, Air Hog Havoc and my kayak. Tomorrow is a new adventure day. Stay safe.
Posted by Bugler | Aug 28, 2010 @ 02:17 PM | 2,429 Views
Well I managed to break the wing on my Champ,,,,but I got it fixed back last night,,,,,,it just might stay together unless I try to dig a hole with it again. I have come to the conclusion that I am trying to fly it into a obstacle-lized area. My wife won't let me cut down the apple trees so I guess I am going to have to load up my jeep and find a big open field. Now on to today's airplane news,,,,, I went to Hobby Town in Duluth, GA this morning and fell in love with a Embers 2 BNF,,got it home and snatched it out of its box and it is now ready to fly,,,,,I am using the tx that cam with my Champ,,,,,,,I have a DX6i that will be here next week and that will be a big improvement. I also bought a new wing for my champ just in case my repair job don't meet the mustard. Did I tell you I added spars to the Champ,,,, pop-cycle sticks ,,only way I knew of to make it a little stable,,,wing broke right at the fuselage,,,,did I spell that right,,,,,Picture are taken but not loaded into my puter as of yet. Now it is nap time. Remember old men can learn new tricks,,,,,,it just takes a hell-of-a-lot-longer. CU
Posted by Bugler | Aug 27, 2010 @ 01:27 PM | 2,295 Views
After 50 years,,, I have the bug again. Started out at about 15 yrs old crashing you control,,,,moved up to remote control in the late 70's. Saw Champ J3 Cub and I just had to have one,,,,,,I have been playing around in my side yard 200' X 200'. plenty of room for this little plane except for a 8x34 shed, 3 apple trees(20'). 1 pear tree (15') and my 30' vertical pole to support the middle of my ham radio horizontal antenna wire. Long story short,,,,,after 27 attempts to just stay in the air for one lap,,,,all ended in crashes,,,,,sure is fun getting a Champ out of the top of a apple tree. On my 28th attempt I I finally made several laps and I made a fantastic landing,,,,,,,,,on the shed roof,,,,,,,I found a nice field with no trees, sheds or wires,,,so I plan to go flying as soon as I get my batteries charged and the wind dies down. Wish me luck.