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Posted by kauaicuda | Mar 11, 2013 @ 12:24 AM | 5,674 Views
I've been meaning to bring this around for a while, but I have this case now available. Fits the Openpilot CC3D.

-Internally gusseted to save on bulkiness but keep strength.

-Stepped flanges to fit board thickness perfectly.

-3 piece design, easy to assemble.

-Lexan cover is virtually indestructable. (Not quite sure how it could ever be broken, even in the worst of crashes.

-Includes Nylon fasteners.

At this time I would like to offer what I am going to call the Friendly Lifetime Warranty

What that means to you and me is: As long as you own this case, if you manage to break a part on it, I will replace it.

This does not include fasteners or threads, heat or fire damage, damage purposefully inflicted, or other suspicious circumstances.
I will honor this as long as I still have the means to fabricate parts.

I do not have an online store at this time, but it is in the works.

This is available simply by sending a PayPal of $26 to skyfabsales@gmail.com

International shipping is $5 extra for up to a quantity of 3 items. I ship international once a week.

You can also email me at the same address, or PM me for details or questions.

Posted by kauaicuda | Mar 20, 2012 @ 11:16 PM | 7,288 Views
Nice little antenna mount for the DJI Flamewheel.

Mounts on any of the arms by replacing two of the outermost screws and a zip tie at the rear.

Tough unit, nice machine work. Very tidy.

I have this available for anyone to enjoy for $15 shipped in the USA.


CC case

Posted by kauaicuda | Mar 06, 2012 @ 11:17 PM | 4,607 Views
Nice case for Openpilot CC board. $14 shipped in the US.

Machined from Delrin. Full access to all connections while assembled.

Has a window for viewing status LED. Includes screws.

The screws thread into the plastic base, and the case can be double-side taped to your frame. If you prefer to bolt it to the frame, the screw holes on the bottom may be drilled out with a 1/8" bit.

I always have a couple cases on hand, and I will always be making more

Posted by kauaicuda | Mar 06, 2012 @ 11:01 PM | 5,018 Views
After warming up the CNC, I have an item for the multi-rotor community to make use of.

This adapter and mount assembly allows you to securely mount your Naza controller to your airframe, which you may already be running with a 45mm mount control board.

Nice fit and finish on this item.

Here are some features:

- Machined to close tolerances from robust Delrin plastic.

- Allows secure mounting of the Naza with no tape or adhesive

- Configured to allow full visibility of all connector labels (aside from 4-pin LED plug

- No interference of any connections.

- Radiused corners in clamps to prevent cracking.

- Directional arrow in base plate for easy, no-guess assembly.

- Includes Tri-cut Plastite screws designed for threading into plastic.

$15 shipped in the USA

$20 to most other countries, but please ask for a quote.

PM me if you would like one.