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Posted by brett.c | Jan 29, 2017 @ 01:00 AM | 2,868 Views
This is my own design of a high performance twin.
The wing came from my rather unsuccessful Dornier Wal. It was shortened to 1100mm and the ailerons were lengthened.
The rest was scrathbuilt from MPF and covered with coloured packaging tape.
Results so far are good. Very fast and maneuverable. Tracks nicely and is easy to fly. Great vertical performance.
Originally I tried it with 8x4 props and the performance was poor. Loads of torque roll and sounded very warbley.
Switched to 7x6 and she flies a lot better, sounds better too and much quieter.

1100mm wingspan
1100g auw
2x 2826 1200Kv
2x 30A ESC
7x6 APC props
2x MG servos R+E
2X 9g Digital Aileron servos
2200/4s Battery.
Posted by brett.c | Feb 03, 2016 @ 02:23 AM | 4,248 Views
After my last couple of scale builds I wanted to build something that was a little more function over style.
The type of plane that encompassed all the attributes of a good natural flier.
After studying a few articles on the subject I came to the conclusion that the WOT4 was as close to being the perfect all rounder as you could get.
It also has the advantage of being a very simple design and therefore easy to build.
I found some balsa plans for a WOT4 clone here

The fuselage was not to my liking and I wanted a top loading battery hatch so the fuselage was redesigned with a more sleeker shape and a slightly longer nose. The scale was reduced to 80% to give a wingspan of 1030mm.

The results is a very attractive little plane that is an absolute hoot to fly.
Light on the wing yet slices through the wind with ease. Very maneuverable and reasonable turn of speed. Good glide slope too.
A great all rounder that performs just as I expected.
Scratch built WTF4 (0 min 14 sec)

Material: MPF with balsa leading and trailing edges.
Covering: HK packaging tape
Motor: Turnigy 3530 1200kv
ESC: Turnigy 45A
Servos: HXT900
Prop: 9X4.5, will change to 9x6
Battery: 1300/3s. Can take anything up to 2200/4s
Weight: 750g with 1300/...Continue Reading
Posted by brett.c | Jan 18, 2016 @ 04:50 AM | 4,659 Views
Classic flying boat of the 20s and 30s.

Wal Flying Boat. Dornier D016 scratch build. (0 min 16 sec)

Model plane foam covered with 18g/m glass.
Scheme is Spanish Nationalist Air Force.

1250mm wingspan
1250g auw
2x 2826 1200Kv
2x 30A ESC
8x4 APC props
2x MG servos R+E
2X 9g Digital Aileron servos
2200/4s Battery.

A real handful in the maiden flight. A bit tail heavy and way over powered.
Added 30g to nose and remapped the throttle curve to give 50% output at 70% stick. Sill 100% output at max stick which gives good takeoff power.

Now a very nice model to fly at scale speeds. Very graceful and looks great in the air. Not tested on water as yet....Continue Reading
Posted by brett.c | Nov 22, 2015 @ 03:00 AM | 4,991 Views
Scratchbuilt from model plane foam and XPS.
Covered with glass cloth and wbpu.
Hand painted with water based paint.
Scheme is based upon White 93' flown by Lt Col Sergei Dolgushin.

Wing design was based on a Mig7 slope soarer and modified to suit.

Wingspan 1000mm
Weight 980kg
Turnigy 3536 1250kv
10x7 prop
40A plush speedie
HXT900 servos
2200/3 battery
Frsky 7ch Rx

Flight report.

1st flight was nerve wracking to say the least. A bit too tail heavy and poor directional stability. It was a real fight to get her back in one piece.
2nd flight. Lead added to correct the cg issue. Flew better but nearly lost her again due to the directional stability issues and a cross wind. Another fight to get her back in one piece.

After all that I was very disheartened with the plane so I put her aside for a few months.

3rd flight. Vertical tail surfaces increased by 15% which made all the difference. Now she flies like she's on rails. Very stable and easy to fly. Fast with an excellent rate of climb. No tip stall tendencies noticed, however I reckon it would be savage in that regard if not careful.
Belly landings are easy enough as she slow flies better than I expected.
Looks fantastic in the air

Scratch built LA7 dolly take off (0 min 10 sec)

Posted by brett.c | Apr 15, 2015 @ 03:07 AM | 10,272 Views
What do you do with an old busted up Kinetic glider?

Something a little different than the tired old formula of 800mm mini gliders.

Wings have extra carbon spars and are glued in place. Vertical stabs are ex Kinetic horizontal ones. Twin booms are 10mm carbon. Tailplane is depron.
Very tightly packed fuse with 1000mA battery, 2 x 20A ESCs, elevator servo and Rx, but it all fits after a little surgery.

The result is a very tight flying little plane with great vertical performance. Props are not counter rotating but it doesn't seem to effect the performance. Nice business like sound to it as well.
Battery life is good and glide performance, though nothing like the kinetic , is still acceptable.


Motors 2730 1700kv
ESCs 20A
Props 6x4
Servos 5g
Battery 1000/3s
Weight 380g
Posted by brett.c | Apr 15, 2015 @ 02:43 AM | 10,334 Views
Interesting Russian concept from the prewar period for a twin engine fighter bomber.

Mine is a little different from scale with less tapered wings and an extended nose for CG purposes. I guess you could call it the G38-2

Took me a while to get this plane dialed in as the CG was a bit tricky to attain. Once setup right it flew like a dream. Very tame tip stall habits, probably due to the kfm2 wing. Reasonably fast and quite maneuverable.

Throttles are set up with differential (rudder), which comes in handy when launching from the dolly.
And for crazy flat spins too.

Material: Model plane foam.
Wingspan 840mm.
Weight 560g
Motors 2730 1700kv
ESCs 12A
Battery 1300/3s
Props 6x4
Posted by brett.c | Jan 09, 2014 @ 02:26 AM | 8,128 Views
Yep, I fell for the pre Christmas hype and then by new years day the bipe was a pile of tripe.

The good:
- Flies fantastic, best foamie I have ever flown.
- Motor is smooth and powerful.
- Servos are very smooth, much better than HXT900s.
- The foam is of good quality, very dense and a smooth shiny finish.
- Very well packaged, despite the birthmark on the fuse left by the carry handle
- Decent instructions, although the suggested throws are a little confusing.
- Control horns etc are all good quality. Kind of Multiplex like but even better IMO.
- Looks soooo sexy, even better naked without those ugly decals.

The bad:
-The decals come off easily, which was not too bad for me because I hate them.
- The LG spats dig in on the shortest of grass. The LG slot flexes too much and compresses the foam.
- Spinner screws are too short. Use servo screws instead.
- Not enough down and right thrust out the box.
- The suggested CG of 95mm is a little far back for most fliers. Most prefer 85mm.
- Oh, and the wings fall off, well rip off really, and far too easily.

Mine lasted 8 flights before the lower right wing tore off during a blender. It fluttered to earth while the rest just plummeted straight down from 10+ meters.

Although the other wings broke on impact the plane held up quite well considering the hard impact.
The breaks were all clean and very little of the foam was compressed.
Even that darn foam spinner survived.

The failure was probably the combination of several...Continue Reading
Posted by brett.c | Jan 09, 2014 @ 01:23 AM | 5,982 Views
Scratch built from the ground up in my shed and completed around 13 years ago.
Took me over 10 years to build, so that's nearly 1/4 of a century all up.
Not sad to see her go in the end. No more modified cars for me.
Now I have plenty of money to spend on toy planes instead ...Continue Reading
Posted by brett.c | Nov 30, 2013 @ 08:36 PM | 6,201 Views
The originals were built in either float or land versions and won the Schneider cup back in 1925.

They are a lovely looking plane with some interesting prewar paint schemes to choose from.

Mine was built from a wrecked STA Ryan so it is mostly EPO.
Upper wings Fuselage and horizontal stab are all reworked parts from the Ryan.
Rudder, tail fin, and lower wing are MPF foam.

Turnigy 2836/8 1100kv motor.
40A Plush ESC.
9x6 APC prop.
HXT900 servos
1300/3s nanotech battery
Wingspan 780mm
Weight 780g

It's a little on the heavy side so the wing loading is quite high.
Still, it flies very nicely and doesn't seem to have any bad habits.
The motor is plenty powerful and flight times are quite good.
Takeoffs are very short, although it does have a tendency to swing rather abruptly.
Landings can be a bit tricky as it drops very quickly if the power isn't maintained. After a few LG benders I'm starting to getting the hang of it.
Speed is what the original was designed for and this one scoots along quite nicely.
It flies scale like at 1/2 throttle and will do most aerobatic maneuvers at around 3/4 throttle.
Posted by brett.c | Oct 27, 2013 @ 12:50 AM | 6,604 Views
This my second build of one of these kits.

This time I wanted to build a little hotliner so the rudder was not required.
Motor is a Turnigy 2730-3000kv driven by a HK30A ESC.
Battery is 1000/3s and servos 3x HXT500s.
Prop is 5x4 apc, which was cut down from a 6x4.
The battery tray came out of an old Kinetic.
Wings were strengthen using 2 strips of 6x1 carbon glued together. The wings are now rock solid and would carry a house brick.

She's quite fast and very stable. Carries the 1000mA battery quite well and still glides nicely.
Posted by brett.c | Jul 16, 2013 @ 01:07 AM | 7,447 Views
I got a bit tired of tying to drill out props while holding by hand, so I built a little jig to make the job easier.
It also ensures that the holes are straight and centralised.

The aluminium block is a scrap manifold I found at work.
All other pieces are either aluminium of stainless.

I use a step drill to enlarge the holes by hand. I find it easier to control than using a powered drill.

The step drill goes from 4-12mm in 1mm steps. Each step is 4mm deep. I still have to get my hands on an imperial step drill.

The T spike thing is used to centralise the prop while is being clamped. Centre hole is 10mm. More than enough for the electrics I play with.

I've enlarged the holes in several props using this jig and each one has come out perfect.
Posted by brett.c | Jul 15, 2013 @ 10:03 PM | 7,734 Views
I have a 800mm EPP foamie for practicing 3D but wanted something a little larger and easier to fly smoothly. The HK Yak 55 fitted the bill nicely, is available in the OZ w/house, and is certainly cheap enough.

Build went quite well as there isn't much to the thing. The supplied hardware is quite good and the instructions adequate.
I added extra ply to the motor mount and opened up the battery slot. The wings are glued rather than held with rubber bands.

Setup is:
4x 929MG HK servos
Frsky 4ch Rx
Turnigy 3530 1100kv
Turnigy 45A speedie
1300/3s Nanotechs
APC 11x5.5

This setup gives about 5-6 min playtime. It has plenty of power and good speed. Feels light in the air and can perform most 3D maneuvers quite well.
I tried a 2200 battery but the plane was too heavy to fly nice and needed tail weight for cog.

Great plane and very easy to fly.
Posted by brett.c | Jun 01, 2013 @ 12:21 AM | 7,215 Views
I've just finished repainting and detailing my little bronco.

A smoother finish was achieved using a mixture of wbpu and talc as a base coat. Lots of sanding and then a water based grey enamel (house paint) applied using a wide brush.
Decals are from the Durafly Skyraider.
Not scale but good enough for me.
Posted by brett.c | Mar 30, 2013 @ 05:15 PM | 8,995 Views
I scratch built this little Bronco using 3 view drawings and various plans that I found here on RCG. It is built from Model Plane Foam which is a wonderful product to work with, and is much cheaper than depron.

Wingspan is 1000mm and weight around 900grams.
Motors are 2100kv AXN spares from Hobbyking.
Props 6x4.
9g HT900 servos
30A HK ESCs.
8ch Frsky Rx.
2200mA 3s battery.

There is no landing gear so I use a purpose build dolly for take offs and then belly land (I'm not yet good enough to land back on the dolly ).
The underside is covered with fibreglass and WBPU.

This is without doubt the best flying scratchbuilt plane that I've built to date. It is fast, maneuverable and extremely stable. No tip stall tendencies that I've noticed so far, she just mushes about nose high. Looks very impressive in the air and sounds real nice when on full song. Though lower throttle settings can give a rather dissonant warble.

Next I will be adding some panel lines and decals along with an overall coat of WBPU for protection.
Posted by brett.c | Dec 22, 2012 @ 09:21 PM | 8,078 Views
Got this from the aus w/house because it was cheap and I kinda liked the look of it.
Typically, it needed plenty of mods just to get the cg right, but I knew that before I bought the thing. Pays to do your research before buying these cheap planes.

Here is the thread where these mods are discussed. My contributions are on page 12.

I tried flying it with 2200 battery and it was way too heavy. Changed to 1300 nanos and she now flies real nice.

Great value if you are prepared to do a few mods.
Posted by brett.c | Dec 08, 2012 @ 09:00 PM | 8,889 Views
I picked up this kit from the hobbyking aus w/house.

Basically its a knock off of the Merlin/Kinetic.
The foam is quite good and fits together nicely but the hardware is a little crappy.
The ply elevator mech has a lot of slop so I used 3mm prop sleeves as bearings. Works quite good.
I added 3mm carbon to the wing and elevator to help stiffen things up. The supplied fiberglass works quite well at stiffening the fuse.

A hatch was cut in the fuse for access to the elevator servo and I covered it using a cover from a Kinetic. All servos are HXT500s.

Motor is turnigy 2730-3000kv turning a 4x4 (cut down 6x4) prop. Battery is 500mA 3s fitted under the canopy on a balsa tray. Under that sits a 25A speedie.

The plane is fast, extremely fast, and is rock solid to fly. Its way better than the Kinetic thanks in part to everything being so rigid. The kinetic feels very sloppy in comparison. Good glide characteristics too thanks to the small prop.

Flight times are very short at WOT but even at half throttle she's plenty quick enough. Usually I get 5 minutes of mixed flying with a couple of high speed passes.

AUW with battery is 255 grams

So if you're looking for a cheap kit to use a base for a mini hotliner then I highly recommend this one.
Posted by brett.c | Oct 08, 2012 @ 03:35 AM | 9,497 Views
Always wanted one these ever since I saw the first review on this thread.

I got mine from the Hobbyking aus warehouse.
The reason I chose the T28 was due it's all round flying qualities, not just its speed.
And to me its more than quick enough on 3s for my local park.

I added a 3mm carbon spar to the wings because they seemed to have a bit too much flex for my liking. Other than some black stripes for orientation and an alloy spinner she's stock from the box.

There is a wide variance with recommend cg but I went with 30mm from the LE edge and she handles just fine.

Nice plane, very easy to fly because it is so stable at any speed.
Also quite fast, even on 3s.

...Continue Reading
Posted by brett.c | Jun 11, 2012 @ 03:48 AM | 9,525 Views
A flying buddy bought this back from Thailand for me.
A couple of guys in the club have their Yak, which is very similar, but I like this one because it is something different. Oh, and it was the only one available in the shop at the time.
They are unusual in having a tapered EPP fuselage which goes from 20mm at the nose down to 10mm at the tail. The kit comes with all the foam surfaces ready to piece together and some control horns, that's it. The rest is up to you.
The manual was in Thai. Lots of n's and u's but a least the pictures were in English.
The motor I chose was a trusty old unit that has served well in many of my planes. A Turnigy 2210C 1200kv, 150W.
Speedie is a Hobbyking 20A Special (nuthin' special).
Servos, HXT900's.
Prop 8x3.8 no name.
I added some extra carbon bracing in the tail section and wheels off some long forgotten hack.
This plane flies very well for what it is. More a sports flier than a 3D ship but it will hover even I can't can't.
Seems very durable too.

I think me and the Sbach are going to have loads of fun together
Posted by brett.c | May 16, 2012 @ 04:04 AM | 9,405 Views
These are a great fun little plane for either indoors or outdoors.
The piYak build thread can be found here

Mine is made from 9mm EPP and is the 18inch version.
It has a Turnigy 2730 1500kv turning a 8x3.8 prop.
Speedie is a 10A HK version.
All servos are HXT500s with arm extensions on the elevon servos.

I find it quite easy to fly and it can goof around in a small area at very slow speeds. I haven't quite got the hang of hovering but she is more than capable.
Posted by brett.c | May 15, 2012 @ 04:11 AM | 9,324 Views
My old Easystar has been hanging from the rafters for quite some time.
Once I'd learnt the fundamentals of RC flying I quickly grew out of it.
I remember RCPowers doing a twin version of the Hawksky and thought it would be a great little project to do the same with the EZ*.

I already had most of the bits for it so it was a simple matter of getting out the knife and setting to work.

Motors are 1650Kv 180W Turnigy 2210As. I have used these little motors before and they perform quite well.
Props are good old 6x4s.
Speedies are a couple of HK20A cheapies.
All servos are trusty HXT900s.

Control surfaces were enlarged and are made from 2 layers of 6mm depron sanded to a taper.

CF reinforcing was added to the elevator and tailplane, and along the underside of the tail boom. I also added a strip of 12mm wide carbon along the top of the wings in order to add stiffness and to flatten them out a bit.

Wings were clipped down to 1100mm. Ailerons are 300mm long.

Battery is a 2200mA 3s which I had to mount much further back. This required a bit of foam surgery around the servo pocket area but not too much. The battery slides in on its side.

I have only had one flight with it so far and I was extremely pleased with its performance. It has the easy flying characteristics of the old EZ* but is a whole lot more precise and manoeuvrable. Speed is quite good, not blisteringly quick but certainly quick enough for me. It still glides reasonably well too, which surprised me.
All in all...Continue Reading