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Posted by ChrisBowker | Dec 21, 2011 @ 01:59 PM | 12,971 Views
I wanted to wait until I started the "official" build thread for my Yak before I posted an add for the kits, but due to the over whelming number of email's I'm receiving I decided It would be best to post this to get some of the info out about my Yak. The kits are 100% ready to ship minus instructions(build photo's are already uploaded to my blog). Kits are available as full kits or short kits. Full kits contain virtually everything needed to build the model minus glue, tools and radio gear. Short kits come the foam parts only, these are great for moving your existing set of B.A.M. carbon hardware into once you've worn out your old airframe. Kits are also available with an optional bottom hinged elevator, this is done to improve KE spin and some tumbling performance.

A quick look at the Yak:
Wing span: 33"
Length: 33"(minus motor)
Flying weight 4-5.5 oz

Recommended Radio gear:
Motor: Hacker a-10-9l(a-10-15s/rimfire 250 milled version)
Esc: 5-9 amp
Aileron Servo: Hs-65 ailerons, Futaba 3114
Rudder & elevator: hs-35, jr s185, Futaba 3114
Battery: 240-370 mah 2s

Some of the key futures of my kits are:
-100% cnc cut parts for the perfect fit on every piece(not to mention parts are glue ready! no sanding!!)
-CNC cut carbon fiber hardware package(no plywood or depron control horns!)
-CNC hinge beveling
-Pre cut carbon rods
-Pre cut servo holes
-Pre drilled markers for doubler locations/carbon bracing(no guess work, no...Continue Reading