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Posted by ChrisBowker | Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:24 AM | 9,760 Views
It has now been 8 business day's and no word from fedex on my claim. I called them this morning to check the status. The person I spoke with told me it would take at least 10 more business days, they went on to say that it usually only takes 5-7 from the time the information was collected(that was 8 days ago) thanks fedex.

Also, this past week I had an item shipped to me from CO, it was shipped in an over size box via fedex(the box was of size to fit a nice flat screen tv in) When the truck was parked in-front of my house I ventured out to see what was taking so long. I found the driver taping my box closed....awesome.

Posted by ChrisBowker | Jun 13, 2011 @ 02:18 PM | 9,882 Views
Dear RCGroups user's,
I normally do not use my blog for such issues, but I feel the need to warn other's about the terrible service FedEX is providing. I shipped an EPP Yak kit to a customer in TX on the 31st of last month, The customer contacted me saying they had not received the yak kit as of yet and asked me to look into it. I was at a bit of shock as it had been more than a week since I shipped them out(He contacted me on the 12th of this month) I called fexed to inquire about the package as the tracking number simple said "on route" after being told by the customer service rep that they couldnt find out what had happened to my package until today(monday) I was frustrated and said I would bring down mail fraud charges if I was not provided with an answer. I was immediately transferred to a supervisor who immediately told me the box was lost in a fire that happened on the 3rd of this month, It was now the 12th and they never made any effort to contact me. After speaking with them again today they said I would have to wait another 5-7 days to find out if FedEX would even be paying for the lost property. This is unacceptable customer service in my book. I ask you all to please boycott FedEX to show the big business in America that they DO NOT HAVE DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!