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Posted by ChrisBowker | May 24, 2011 @ 07:35 PM | 10,933 Views
I have finally gotten around to doing the build on the X-3D jet, the X-3D is very maneuverable and a BLAST to fly! its very stable in harrier. I think a video or two says it all:

Dark Side Models 3D Jet Indoors (4 min 46 sec)

A quick look:
Model:X-3D jet
Wing Span: 24"
motor:2200kv 2 cell outrunner
ESC:6 amp

My setup
Motor:Hyperion hp-z1705(about the same as a hacker a-10-13s)
Servo(s):JR S-185's
battery:nanotech 350mah 2s

Full kits come with:
All foam parts
All carbon necessary
Heat shrink
Music wire for Z bends
CNC cut control horns and motor mount

price: Discontinued

Short kits(all foam parts)$20

All kits come pre-beveled

I balance My model just behind the prop, But I recommend starting with it just in front of the prop until you get the feel for the model.

For throws I run aprox 45 degree's with 90% expo.

If you got a kit off of me in TX this year and have questions about the build please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks for looking. more video&pic's coming soon!

Chris Bowker
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Posted by ChrisBowker | May 19, 2011 @ 10:43 AM | 11,418 Views
Its time to start a build log on my new EPP Yak 55. This yak is designed to be an intermediate model. The Yak has great flight performance and feels much like a 3mm depron model on the sticks. The Yak is a great model for anyone looking to improve their own flying. Its the perfect model for people looking to break into the "low and slow" category of 3D.

A quick look:
Model:Yak 55
Wing Span: 31"
motor:1700kv 2 cell outrunner
ESC:9 amp

My setup
Motor:Hacker a-109L
Servo(s):hs-65(ail) hs-45 elev/rudd
battery:nanotech 350mah 2s

I get between 4-6 min flight times swinging a 8x4.3 on this plane.

Unpainted "short kits"(Foam parts only) start at just $25(ALL KITS COME PRE BEVELED & WELDERS GLUE HINGED)

Full kits are Discontinued, full kits include all carbon fiber necessary to build the model, CF aileron diff horn(with Du-Bro ez links), wheels, motor mount, control horns, music wire(for z bends), heat shrink, push rod guides. pretty much everything you need minus glue/radio gear.

The following will be a build log to help out with the construction of your EPP Yak. Before you start building you will need a nice flat table to work on, with out a flat surface to build your model on it will never come out straight. Also remember to take your time building the model, check your work with a square and leave the hack and dash attitude for chopping fire wood.

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