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Posted by ChrisBowker | Apr 30, 2011 @ 11:52 AM | 11,867 Views
Sorry about the delay, I made a few changes to the way I was building my model over my recent trip to TX and wanted the build log to reflect those changes. My goal is for this log to help out those that have bought short kits off me since I did not include instructions. I will also cover a few basics of doing a fast and easy airbrush job.

For paint on this model I used Createx Wicked colors thinned about 50/50. I use Createx wicked reducer mixed 70/30 with watter. I find this mix to spray the best out of my brush. Ive found that combo to also resist FLA when peeling the vinyl. I spray my base color with a fan tip around 20 psi, and a normal dot tip around 10-15 psi for my fades/detail work. I use the higher pressure for doing the long fades, I find this to be the easiest method for getting long constant fades. Doing airbrush fades/highlights is not a hard skill to learn, a little practice and anyone can do it. The best trick Ive found is to follow the edge of the template with my eyes and not the edge of the paint. I also do aprox 3 coats(see photo's) this helps keep the weight down as well as give a nice constant color. I flash dry my paint with a heat gun. Next post I start building!

EDIT: Video added from Gary's youtube channel, thanks Gary!
Chris Bowker's Yak in Plainview (5 min 13 sec)

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