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Posted by rcsuperhero | Jun 04, 2011 @ 10:42 PM | 4,689 Views
One of the most unique and awesome flying planes out! PDFs will be available again mid april at http://www.rcsuperhero.com, kits can still be purchased (expensive but worth every cent!)
The Original RcSuperhero.com plane.First shown in the feb 12 2010 youtube video http://www.youtube.com/user/borntafl...26/4kDC5J33eooPlease support the "original designer" Greg Tanous and the copyrighted and trademarked (patient pending) rcsuperhero design. I have 7K+ invested
($30,000. if you include my laser machine) and 12 years designing flying people -and dozens copyrights to prove it. THANK YOU FOR YOU SUPPORT! AND INTEGRITY. I try not to buy stolen goods ,thankfully 99 percent of RC hobbyists are truly honest upstanding GREAT people-may God bless them! If you see other man designs popping up they are fake copies,period.

Question -are the RcSuperhero's hard to make?
Answer -No -but previous RC Modeling experience is a good thing!
The planes are made of foam and coroplast-
both can be easily cut with a new exacto blade.
-if you can't cut the light ply motor mount -I can sell you a laser cut one and control horns too!
-The construction method is unique because the plane is unique-that said the self aligning design and 200 plus build photos and captions will help you through it easily -if not give me a call on the phone! Im happy to help.

A friend of mine, I call him Imac Darren (OMAS)-Because he is one of the best RC competition pilots in our area (Oregon),...Continue Reading
Posted by rcsuperhero | Aug 29, 2010 @ 11:17 PM | 5,948 Views
RcSuperhero.com / BORNTAFLY on youtube

Hi my name is Greg Tanous. my specialty is unique aircraft !

They look like life size superhero's and they take off vertically like a rocket launch!

Now I am promoting two sizes of RcSuperhero aircraft 57" and 78" tall
(as if they were standing)