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Posted by Donaldsneffe | Jan 30, 2012 @ 03:38 PM | 8,163 Views
Tail ESC modified Walkera ESC be SSkaug.
Tail motor: Tiny Hextronik 2 g; Plantraco prop.
Main motor: Tiny HP03s, XP-3A ESC, custom converter by 4712.
Main motor is quite weak, and standard battieries (Eflite) do not work; Turnigy 300 work, but bad, Wellpower 250 and MiniAviation 300 are better, Wellpower 320 again better, but not really good. Hyperion 550 too heavy for main motor.

Tail works and holds perfectly! Perfect work by SSkaug.
No wagging, no blowing out at all!

Anyway, will have to use another main motor - HP03s works perfectly with stock tail-motor and KBDD/SP 100 tail, but seems to be too weak for this setup.

Weight of double BL as shown: 42 g.
< 40 g would be possible quite easy: using stock canopy, stock skids, removing 0.5 mm copper wire (for brushed tail), changing heavy Walkera full metal tail motor mount and CFK fin.

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Posted by Donaldsneffe | Jan 28, 2012 @ 08:03 PM | 8,056 Views
Baby-TDR style by Frank Lachmund.

From left to right: TurboAce 91416, Twin-Tailmotors (Bravo SX), KBDD tail blades; Spin 16300 kv, SR120/Plantraco tail; C05M, 4g3/Xtwin tail, HP03s, stock tail with Solo Pro 100 3D rotor.

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