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Posted by Donaldsneffe | Sep 22, 2011 @ 08:51 AM | 9,323 Views
Little stronger than original ones. Made from 0.7 mm CF.

Left side: Original (broken, fixed with Epoxy - too weak), center and right custom made ones:

Posted by Donaldsneffe | Sep 22, 2011 @ 08:46 AM | 11,205 Views
Some pics of my BL mCP x.
It is an intermediate version and flies very well.
Rakonheli frame, TurboAce 91416 14000 kv Inrunner main motor, 8 tooth pinion, XP-7A ESC, "old" TheSteves converter soldered to the backside-board spot, double coreless tailmotor (2 x Nine Eagles Bravo SX motors, Solo Pro rotors) with mounts and tail fin from Astroid-Designs - both versions, inline and over/under.
This main motor will be set in a stock mCP x frame soon (when the broken board will have been repaired), and the RKH-frame mCP x will get a C05M motor with 1 mm shaft (already waiting for being installed).
The double coreless tail motor is extremely good, tail holds very well, even better than with Walkera UFO8 motor and Silverlit Xtwin rotor.

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