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Posted by ckreef | Oct 17, 2012 @ 05:57 PM | 3,397 Views
This is my Mini Ultra Stick --- EP to glow conversion.

I used a OS .25 LA.

The Mini Ultra Stick comes with 2 fire wall plates for different electric setups. I made a 3rd firewall plate (same size as the other 2) from plywood and covered it in white covering. Drilled the holes for the engine mount and then epoxied that in the proper position. When you get the Mini you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about.. I used a Dave Brown motor mount.

I cut out the battery holder tray from the front compartment and reinforced the 2 sides and floor of what will now be your fuel tank compartment with 1/2" wide strips of plywood. I used a 4 oz flex tank surrounded on the bottom and sides w/ 1/4" foam then velcro'ed in place.

The Rx battery I used was a long, thin, 6v 1100 mah NIMH and installed about 1/2 way between the TE and the horizontal stabilizer inside the fuselage. I had to glue in place a plywood holding tray with a vecro strap in order to hold the battery in place. Battery was installed through the bottom cutout panel. I installed a Rx switch/jack on the left side under the wing.

I used 9 gram metal gear servos for all controls except the throttle. You will need metal gears for the fast, high performance you will get with the Mini Stick.

I added a steerable tail wheel along with 1 oz of lead in the back to get the proper CG.

Start with the control throws on low rate as that seems more then adequate for tight fast aerobatics.

She's a fast little plane and flies good. I fly her for 4 or 8 tanks of fuel every week and she can handle a good bit of wind. Grease her in a little hot to avoid bouncing her down on landing.