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ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2 is the upgrade version of X-Speed 280.ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2 ARF is fully assembled and tested before leaving the factory. It comes with ARRIS S2205 2300KV,Flycolor Raptor 390 Tower w/ F390 30A 4 in 1 ESC + F3 + OSD,5042 high efficiency propeller, 700TVL HD camera, 5.8G 40CH video tx and antenna. You just need to install the receiver on it and do some settings, it will fly.

Motor: ARRIS S2205 2300KV Brushless Motor
ESC: Flycolor 30A BLheli-s 4 in 1 ESC
FC: F3
Propeller: ARRIS 5042 3 blade propeller
Video TX: ARRIS TS5823S 5.8G 40CH video tx
Antenna: Foxeer 50cm Circular Polarized Omni Antenna

This package includes :
1 X ARRIS X-SPEED 280 V2 Racing Drone Kit w/ Canopy
1 X Flycolor Raptor 390 Tower w/ F390 30A 4 in 1 ESC + F3 + OSD
4 X ARRIS S2205 2300KV Brushless Motor
4 X 5042 3-blade propellers
1 X Sony 700 line camera
1 X X-SPEED 280 Stickers
1 X ARRIS TS5832 5.8G 40CH video TX
1 X Foxeer 5.8g antenna
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Fatshark Attitude V4 FPV Goggle is available at Hobby-Wing.


Commemorate Fat Shark’s 10th year with the brand new AttitudeV4 Anniversary Edition headset, which combines a consumer-favorite 32°field of view (FOV), 4:3 VGA display and specialty pricing. This limited edition of red-trimmed goggles comes with a digital video recorder (DVR) and an included, 5.8G OLED receiver make to make the Attitude V4 a classic FPV headset. The included, simple-to-use receiver has one-touch band change capability, channel scanning and a spectrum analyzer for clean and simple channel selection.

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ARRIS C250 V2 is one more professional 250 fpv racing drone produced by ARRIS on the basis of the ARRIS C250. The same as the ARRIS C250, the C250 V2 has the advantage of simple structure and high strength. In the meanwhile, ARRIS C250 V2 adopts 4in1 30A tower for the first time, improve the performance of the drone much.

With the high performance ARRIS X2205 2300KV brushless motor, the ARIS C250 has outstanding power. ARRIS X2205 motor is one specially designed high end motor for professional fpv racing drones from ARRIS. From the choices of the magnet steel, wires, bearing and other materials to CNC processing and final test, ARRIS tried to take the best from the best in each step. In the end, the ARRIS X2205 motor has be great performance on power output, resist high temperature and working in sustaining large current condition.
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ARRIS C250 FPV Racing drone RTF is the latest 250 series FPV racer released by ARRIS. The ARRIS C250 RTF comes with arris 2205 brushless motor, ARRIS 20A ESC, 5045 3 blade propeller, 1000TVL camera, 5.8G 200mW video TX and antenna, ARRIS 4s 1500mah 50C battery and Charger. The ARRIS C250 RTF is fully assembled, tuned and tested before it left the factory. With the Eachine EV800 fpv goggle comes with it, you can fly in first person view.

Dimension:195mm x 230mm x 42mm (Propellers not included)
Diagonal Wheelbase: 250mm
Flight Controller: SP Racing F3 flight Controller
Frame Material: Pure Carbon fiber sheet
BNF weight:350g
Radio System: Flysky FSi6 Radio with Receiver
Camera: 1000TVL HD video canera
FPV TX: 5.8G 200mw 40CH
Antenna: 5.8G Antenna
Flying Time: 10min hovering
Battery: ARRIS 4S 1500mah 50C Lipo
Charger: ARRIS C4 1S to 4S Lipo Battery Charger
Goggle: Eachine EV800 FPV Goggle

For more information about the combo, Just click the picture.
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The main feature of Tarot Peeper is long flight time. With the payload of GoPro 3 Axis gimbal, image transmission module and 6S 10000mah Lipo battery, the flight time can reach 47 minutes. And you can use bigger battery to get longer flight time. More Over,quick start, easy disassembly,convenient to carry and stable flight at high speed is its feature. The application aera include City Security,Highways,Fire Protection, searching in the forest, power line inspection and etc.

Digonal Wheelbase: 750mm
Frame Height: 258mm
Main Propeller Length: 210mm
Main propeller diameter: 440mm
Weight (without battery): about 1.28kg

More information about it, please click here
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Hobbywing XRotor Micro BLHeli-S 30A ESC is the latest BLHeli-S ESC released by hobbywing.This ESC is specially designed for competition FPV drones.Compared with the Xrotor BLHeli 30A, the BLHeli-s 30A is lighter, and it supports the DEO technology. Meanwhile, it supports oneshot125 mode, oneshot42 mode and multishot mode.

Main Features:
Super Small and Light
With the remarkably small size (23.8x14.5x5.8mm) and light weight (6g),XRotor Micro 30A BLHeli-S is an ESC specially designed for competition FPV drones.

Quality Components
The use of EMF8BB21F16G MCU (with the operating frequency of up to 48MHz),3-in-1 drive IC, American Fairchild MOSFETs, imported quality ceramic
capacitors, 3-ounce copper and 4 layers of PCBs guarantees less heat, higher efficiency and rapider response.

BLHeli-S Firmware Ready
The ESC supports the original BLHeli_S firmware. Users can flash or upgrade the firmware via the signal cable (on ESC) and program 4 ESCs simultaneously after connecting their flight controller to the BLHeliSuite software (if the flight controller uses the CleanFlight or betaflight firmware).

Hardware Generated PWM and Damped Light Mode
The ESC firmware uses hardware generated motor pwm for smooth throttle response and silent operation. Damped light does regenerative braking, causing very fast motor retardation, and it inherently also does active freewheeling.

Regular/Oneshot125/Oneshot42/Multishot Modes Supported
The ESC also supports Oneshot125(125-250¦Ěs)high-speed...Continue Reading
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Just received the Tarot GOPRO T-3D Ⅳ Metal 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal for GoPro 4 Session TL3T02 from hobby-wing.

Still waiting for the GoPro...
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X180 is the latest and smallest drone of ARRIS X-SPEED series,the wheelbase is 180mm.

Here is a video of it
ARRIS X180 Racing Drone FPV Flight (2 min 28 sec)

ARRIS X180 comes with X180 ARRIS 2205 2600kv brushless motor and ARRIS Falcon 30A ESC, so it has a perfectly performance. The BNF version without battery is only 305g. With powerful energy and light weight, you can do all the actions you want and with a longer flight time.
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ARRIS X-Speed 280 Racing Drone BNF Specification:

Dimension: 245mm x 213mm x 112mm (Propeller does not include)
Diagonal Wheelbase: 274mm
Frame Weight: 410g (BNF)
Motor: ARRIS MT2204-2300KV
Propellers: 6045 propellers
Camera: Sony 700 line camera

It support both 3S and 4S battery.
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We take some videos of Sichuan, we palan to do a series of Vision of Sichuan.
Here is the first video:
Vision of Sichuan 1--Recorded by ARRIS (2 min 9 sec)

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The Attiude V3 FPV goggle is the newest version from Fat Shark, which has moved the beautiful Dominator V2 optics into a new modular designed Attitude V3 and added support for 3D cameras based on interlaced 3D solution.

Optional diopter inserts (-2, -4, -6) are available for those with less than perfect vision, allowing these goggles to be used by a majority of glasses wearers. Inter Pupil Distance (IPD) adjustment allows the goggle fit to be adjusted to for nearly any face. AttitudeV3 is compatible with the Fat Shark fan equipped faceplate for extra comfortable fit and fog free viewing (not included). The 32 degree diagonal FOV display strikes a perfect balance between large screen immersion and compact pixel density clarity. Fat Shark again proved to be a real supporter of the FPV market and a market leader in the video goggles market with this new release.

Attitude V3 ships with 1000mAh battery pack, 32 channel 5G8 RaceBand receiver and SpiroNET circular polarized antenna.

Headset Specifications:
Optics FOV (field of view): 32˘Xdiagonal (Image size: 1.3m @ 2m)
Type: Plastic optic module
Interpupillary distance (IPD): 59 ˇV 69 mm (adjustable)
Supports optional diopter lens inserts: -2, -4, -6 dpt
Audio Stereo (requires adjustable volume earphone accessory)
User Controls Channel selection/ head tracker reset
Mode selection (wired/wireless)
Contrast/ brightness control/ 2D or 3D
mode selection
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The ARRIS FPV250 racing drone is a low weight sport quadcopter frame specially designed for FPV.
It is designed to integrate all the electronic components in one frame, such as camera, FPV transmission system, battery, ESC, 5.8G wireless transmitter, antennal, GPS, etc. This drone is small while amazing in speed, that`s why we call it sport racing drone.

Package Includes:
1 x ARRIS FPV250 Racing Quad Frame
4 x ARRIS MT1806 2280KV Brushless Motors (2 CW + 2 CCW)
4 x ARRIS 12A Simonk ESC
4 x ARRIS 5030 Propellers (2 CW + 2 CCW)
1 x CC3D Flight controller
1 x 700TVL 3.6mm camera

The BNF is tuned and tested before send it out.
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ARRIS Lander X5 Retractable Landing Gear

How to Use it
ARRIS Lander X5 Retractable Landing Skid (3 min 11 sec)

ARRIS Lander X5 Uninterrrupted Test in 30 minutes
ARRIS Lander X5 Uninterrupted Test in 30 Minutes (8 min 25 sec)
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Tarot ZYX-OSD for Multicopter TL300C

ZYX-OSD TL300C can overlay the basic flight information of the aircraft to the video, such as altitude, speed, attitude angle, battery voltage, the distance between aircraft and return point, control mode, return to home status and etc.

ZYX-OSD also has data record function. It can save the flight data to MINI-SD card, with it, you can do the data analysis, like the black box function when need. When you use it for the first time, ensure you format the MINI-SD card to FAT32 format.

ZYX-OSD has two way video input function, you can change the video input sources by the radio. The PAL and NTSC video format can be identified automatically.

Note: ZYX-OSD is compatible with ZYX-M flight controller system.

Input voltage and current: 12V (80mA) (When it does not power the other equipment)
Output voltage and current: 12V (1.5A) and 5V (2.0A)
Dimension: 53mm x 36mm x 10mm
Weight: 18g
Video Format: PAL/NTSC (Automatic Identification)
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Hobbywing just released some versions of the ESC for multirotors.
Xrotor PRO 40A, Xrotor 40A PRO 3D and Xrotor 10A Mini 3s.

The Xrotor 10A mini 3S is good for the 250 FPV racers.

For Xrotor PRO 40A:

Features :
Special core program for multi-rotor controllers greatly improves throttle response.
Auto Timing Adjustment and Preset Parameters for easy operation.
DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization) technology significantly improves throttle linearity and driving efficiency.
Open Cooling Fin.

Specification :
Output : Continuous 40A, Burst 60A up to 10 seconds
Input Voltage : 3-6cells lithium battery
Refresh rate of the throttle signal : up to 621Hz
Timing : High or Intermediate
Red Black cable length : 475mm
Signal cable length : 560mm
Bullet Connector : 3.5mm
Size : 73.5 x 23 x 11mm
Weight : 45g

For Xrotor PRO 40A 3D, it has 3D function:
ESCs can make multirotor do 3D flight via switch rapidly from driving the motor from running CW to CCW. Motors run CW in the area ranges from 51% to 100% throttle, run CCW in the area ranges from 0% to 49% throttle. The dead band ranges from 49% to 51% throttle, 50% is the neutral position.
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Compare with the big size multi rotors, the 250 is more and more popular. I do not know why so many people like them until i see 4 of them fly the ARRIS Xspeed 250 in underground parking.
It is really fun!!!!!!
4 ARRIS X-Speed 250 Fly in Underground Parking (1 min 12 sec)

ARRIS X-Speed FPV 250 Flight in Underground Parking (2 min 12 sec)
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