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Posted by wheelspinner20 | Dec 28, 2011 @ 10:15 PM | 3,408 Views
I started cutting out the pieces of my Polaris 83% and putting the tail together today. I thought I would share the progress through some description and pictures.

I am still short a few carbon pieces for the spars, so I will do what I can for now.

The 24"x48" blucore foam (FFF) is pre-cut by an end-cut cnc machine. There are little tabs that hold the pieces in the foam that have to be cut carefully and whatever nub is left sanded or trimmed off with a sharp blade.
Posted by wheelspinner20 | Dec 22, 2011 @ 11:25 PM | 4,058 Views
HK led strips

they can be cut to as little as 3 lights. If you cut then you have to re-solder 12 volt + and - to the little solder pads that are at each of the cut marks. Here is a close up of that (without solder.)

So how ever many strips you want to use, just hook all the positives up to 1 lead, and all the negatives to one (parallel) I used 3 different strips in the polaris. 1 full meter of white around the inside of the fuse above the wing line, including 4 lites looped into the hollow nose cone. 1 red strip on one wing, and 1 green strip on the other. I did include several lights into the tip floats which are also hollow. The second pic is the connector that I use. A female 3s jst-xh balance connector. I use this to plug directly into the balance lead on my 3s 1800 battery.

The little white squares on the strips are the surface mount LED's I pushed these into the foam from the top side of the wing. They shine the light through the foam for quite a good secondary affect. They are also bright from the top of the wing too. I also mounted 3 led segments on either side of the verticle stab, shining up on same. I mounted some short wingletts to act as a light block, or valence to shade the brightness of directly looking at the led's. The green ones are so bright, that in a totally dard field, if you looked directly at them you would have spots in your vision which make the plane hard to see when it gets small.!

I then covered the strips with scotch gift tape.

Just DONT do what I did and mount the green and red REVERSED on the wings.! Bad mistake. I flipped the wing over and started on the bottom for the floats. Forgot to swap colors.!
Posted by wheelspinner20 | Dec 05, 2011 @ 11:22 PM | 3,202 Views
Pic of my bb33 fitted with a kfm2 wing with two servos. Flying indoor at USA soccer arena, pontiac mi