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Posted by studioRS | Sep 07, 2010 @ 11:52 PM | 14,832 Views
I just recently bought the latest DG-1000 2 meter scale foam sailplane (segelfleigen, segelflug) flying wonder from ST Models, through Tower Hobbies. If you haven't seen the review by RC Groups Micheal Heer it's worth checking out >>

Foam planes are here to stay and ST Models have stepped up to the plate and created a wonderful scale version of the German built DG-1000 that not only looks good but flies well too with a Retractable Motor System.

I've decided to detail the cockpit with some pilots and give this a proper graphic application with Suisse registration. Thanks go to the DG website for the enthusiasm and support for RC modelers and the ref. line drawings. Here's my build log....Continue Reading
Posted by studioRS | Sep 02, 2010 @ 03:03 PM | 8,831 Views

Transporting a 2 meter (77" wing span and up) glider, sailplane (segelflug, segelfliegen) to the flying field was something as a beginner I really didn't give much thought to - opps. What car can I use, my MINI or the sedan without folding rear seats and just a trunk?

I like to keep the original boxes of most all my models - I seemed to have been set in my ways owning Tamiya art packed models. After receiving my Radian RTF the box design, photography and graphics are second to none, just as good as the Radian flying characteristics.

Those of us that own smaller cars are limited in what we can haul around and the Radian RTF box is no exception - it's BIG and long. After five or six times with this crammed into my MINI Cooper and opening and closing, pulling out everything, the toll is showing on my nice box, plus the fact it is not field friendly.

The other issue I have is, comfortably fitting my family (within reason in a MINI) and to have my wife and daughter follow along for the RC flying experience, this means folding one rear seat down and getting three in plus the Radian. You can stuff the RTF box into the MINI, but, it has to be upright and sticks well into the front seating area and along side the rear passenger. Not so good.

I had to make something light, protective and that would fit inside the back without affecting the occupants too much. Just a simple transportation device. Here's what I made.

I had some leftover white Coroplast pieces...Continue Reading