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Posted by Downsouth | Nov 18, 2011 @ 02:10 AM | 2,564 Views
Well it was to windy to go flying after church last sunday so i decided to put a new look on my T-28. This was my second low wing bird. My first was a Parkzone UMP-51. I thought hey, it's as small as the FlyZone that i cut my teeth on and i can fly it, why not get me a warbird. Wrong. Needless to say i then purchased the T-28. I snaped the wing on my second flight i think so i glued it back and kept flying. I purchased another wing and decal set for it the next day but figured i should wait till i got better. I never put it on and it was just sitting in my plane room so no better time than the present to repaint and spiff it back up. I wanted to go with a Nam scheme and i know the decal srn't scale but i will fix that later.[IMG][/IMG]