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Posted by Mena142 | Sep 19, 2012 @ 10:37 PM | 5,326 Views
NOTE: Still editing this thread. Adding pictures.

So, like most of the FPV enthusiasts, I've been through the trouble of having to carry everywhere I want to go fly, a separate LCD screen, the video Receiver, batteries for the ground station, connecting cables and over that, having to find a good place to lay all that down.

I drew inspiration from the "suitcase" concept many people used for their ground station, and started thinking about plywood boxes and a lot of non-sense, and don't know from where, the idea of a kids lunch box came, thus the concept was born.

My ground station had to:

-Be dirty Cheap.
-Be tripod mountable.
-Fit inside a regular sized backpack.
-Hold an LCD screen, for spectators.
-Have a plug for my Fatshark goggles.
-Be rather plug-n-play, so I could eventually replace the receiver with a different frequency system. (I'm using 900mhz for the moment)
-Be cheap (can I stress it enough?).

I didn't document the process as good as I wanted to, but what I can't provide with pictures I'll try to with words.

So let get on with the build!

I picked up a plastic kids lunch box from a local store for about $5. I selected one that had some sturdy plastic as I was to mount some components to it. The plastic on this one is about 2mm.

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