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Posted by F-O-D- | Jul 26, 2010 @ 10:36 AM | 4,220 Views
Gday from W.A. (Western Australia),

I would like to start with a big thanks to the guys from ATTF podcast crew for the insight that they have given me into this hobby of ours. It has expanded my mind to breaking point with all the posibities that are out there.

As for my experience with RC planes, lets just say that it's non existant. I did however had the privelage of working on real ones instead (747-300, 400 etc including a few rare SP's).

As with anyone starting out with something new, I want to go faster and more manouverable quickly, but there are a few questions to be asked first.

I have a Wing Dragon Sportster that has so far served me well. One crash on its second flight and one on its seventh due to winds being too strong for it.

Does anyone have one and what mods have you done to it to get more flight time? The plane runs a ni-mh battery with a brushed motor so putting it on a diet of lipo's is one way I would like to go.

A wing dragon is a high wing, pusher prop with a inrunner brushed motor, an 8cell ni-mh battery with a full control surface setup (elevator, rudder, aileron).

I am also thinking about building a Mugi out of coreflute as there is a Mugi flying down at the park I fly at and it was cutting through the wind that was pushing my "Dragon" about.

Does anyone have any recomendations?

For a power system I was thinking of a:
Hobbyking SS Series 25-30A ESC (card programmable)
Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack
Don't know what brand but about a 2200kv brushless motor
Don't know what brand but about a 6x4 prop

Going to run the TX and RX from the dragon in it.

The Mugi runs elevons. Can I just run a mixer from the RX to control them?

What is the differnce between the weight of the servo's ie. their applications?

Thanks for reading