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Posted by rcflyer40plus1 | Jul 07, 2013 @ 05:13 PM | 2,381 Views
Radian Pro on the way. Adding link to this post by JumpySticks for future reference:

More useful info: http://www.radian-pro.com/

Posted by rcflyer40plus1 | Jun 09, 2013 @ 11:04 AM | 2,522 Views
Well, I guess I have been on this forum long enough to put a little intro here on the blog. I am a "casual" flyer - at some point I will join the AMA / local club...I have a favorite and take the big planes out there on occassion. My first plane was the Super Cub LP - at the time it seemed sooo fast and now it seems sooo slow My second plane was a Dynam HawkSky - a nice intro to ailerons. From there I jumped into the Trojan T28 which is a very capable plane. At the time I also picked up a umx 4-site which I had no idea how to fly -- it was completely different from my other planes, but in time I grew to love it and ended up getting 3 of them. I still actively fly one of them on "dead calm" days. I am electric only. Here's the current hangar in no particular order:
Big birds-
1. Visionaire - great flying plane
2. PZ Mustang - love this plane
3. Trojan T28 - great plane. Front gear is a little wobbly and needs replacement - I'll get to it some day
4. WMPF McFoamy - great 3D trainer
5. Dynam HawkSky - mostly in the hangar these days, but did fit it with an Orange RX so I could use my Spektrum transmitter with it
6. HK Kinetic 800 - great lil plane, still flying 2 yrs since purchase
7. HK P47 fun flyer
8. HK Parkjet MkII - awesome when you get it in the air, he11ishly hard to launch tho! (under repair)
9. Some sort of EDF jet sitting on the shelf for rainy day build. Crazy tiger pattern - I really just purchased it to see how EDF's feel, someday.
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