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Posted by Gary Binnie | Jul 21, 2010 @ 06:13 PM | 11,159 Views
Our 1:1 scale Tiger Moth is in for a three year birthday (Star Annual maintenance and Certificate of Airworthiness renewal).

Part of this process, the 'check flight' is done and passed. That involved a full power timed climb for five minutes (to check the engine is giving the right power), stalling, spinning (two turns, both left and right) and the best bit, a run to VNE (Velocity Never Exceed), makes your eyes water!!

It was recommended last year that we got the tail surfaces recovered in the winter, that slipped somewhat (oops!) and so I am doing it now.

The covering is still good but the problem with modern synthetic material is that it lasts so long that the internal wooden structure does not get inspected enough (they reckoned on seven years average for linen covering where the tail covering on the Tiger has been (cough!) on quite a while!!

Will post some photos, if anyone needs any more photos for detailing a model of a Tiger then just shout (I have lots!!).