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Posted by Gary Binnie | May 29, 2010 @ 03:47 PM | 9,754 Views
Thought that I would report on my progress at the Radioglide 2010 competition and describe what it's all about at the same time. It's my first glider competition and I had a fairly steep learning curve with the rules this morning (although I had read and digested them beforehand!).

Saturday 29 May
Turned up early to a small field at Marsh Gibbon near Bicester (got lost finding it, should have used the satnav!), grey skies, breezy and not looking too promising.

Checked in Tx, only pilot on Ch 62 so that was good. Chatted to one of the comp staff and picked his brains on the rules and saw the entry list, only 33 flyers (it was packed in the 1980s apparently).

Met Chris Foss and had a short chat, it rained later and we had a much longer chat!!

They laid out five (or six) electric winches next to each other with landing circle tapes behind them, getting nervous now as I had never used a winch.

Plead for mercy with the competition director to use the bungee, nope, not allowed, doh!!

Looking round at the models I could see that I was out of my league despite the pre-advertisement of 'bring anything that you have got'. With the strong wind and worries of snapped wings on the winch I selected the only available weapon, my Multi-Phase.

Round 1: I was paired up with a lovely chap who gave me advice on using his winch and I was called forward to launch, gulp!! With no power at all the wings bent upwards alarmingly during the launch and I was very relieved to get...Continue Reading