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Posted by Gary Binnie | May 29, 2009 @ 05:12 PM | 11,206 Views
I've been meaning to write something up about this adventure, just been too busy until now.

About three weeks ago one of the syndicate partners rang me at work to say that the Tiger had suddenly started to run very roughly and that he had got it down safely on the field that he was operating from.

A couple of days later I drove down 75 miles to where it was and quickly established that the engine was toast after a mechanical failure in No 3 cylinder.

We had recently sold our spare engine to another Tiger Moth syndicate who were restoring their aircraft, luckily they had not used it yet so we bought it back swiftly!

A long road trip had the engine collected and delivered and about six more visits had it changed and ready to fly.

A fun aspect of the job was that our Tiger was parked right on the North end of the Salisbury Plain army firing range, some shells got a bit too close one day!

I flew 'AN' home to Bicester yesterday, still some work to do with retightening things and fine tuning but she is purring again.

Thanks to Nigel the farmer who owns a pristine Tiger and apologies to Jeff for making him park his Tiger elsewhere for a couple of weeks.

Did some aeromodelling on some in between days when the job got a bit too much, had to order parts and think about the next steps anyway. It would have been a fantastic field to fly models from but I just did not have the time.

I have changed plenty of Lycoming engines but never a DH Gipsy Major so this...Continue Reading
Posted by Gary Binnie | May 02, 2009 @ 06:10 PM | 10,710 Views
Just got my BMFA membership card renewed, should have done it at Christmas, oops!

I noticed every time that I renewed that it was not showing any achievements which is strange. I made a note this time that I do have an A badge, the answer was 'send us a copy of the certificate as we have no record', good job that I kept it!!

I remember the test, Veron Tiger Moth, OS FS40 purring, figure of eights, crikey!

Came to the questions part, 'what sort of propeller should not be used?' Erm...'a metal one?' 'Good and...' 'Erm...'

I reeled off loads of answers but the one he was looking for was...a broken one! Yep, ok thanks, did I pass? 'Fraid so!!

Happy days