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Posted by mastrsn | Feb 12, 2009 @ 07:42 PM | 7,688 Views
At this rate, I'll have all my projects caught up. This is my E-flite SE-5a that's been hanging around for months. I managed to finish it today, but probably won't get to maiden it until next week. It'd powered by a Lazertoyz Blue Wonder with a Berg receiver. The only mods on this one are the popcycle sticks I used to cover the landing gear wire and the Spiderwire I used for the rigging instead of the supplied string. I've only got 2 or 3 more projects left so I had better get a job fast!
Posted by mastrsn | Feb 11, 2009 @ 08:58 AM | 7,981 Views
I've always liked the Parkzone Trojan, just not the fact that EVEYONE HAD ONE. Something about watching a squadron of the same airplane flying around just didn't 'do me'.

A while ago, wmcneal brought me a Trojan from one of his friends that was getting out of the hobby. A bit worn and beat up, the cogs in my head started turning. I remembered a T-28 on that was a bit different. With paint brush in hand I started the transformation.

What I got was something noone at the field would have. Now, at the Dawn Patrol field, there a many different T-28s, and as soon as we can get them together, I'll post video here.

The only decals I used were the Stars and Bars from the replacement set. The lettering are 3", 1" and 1/2" letters from the local ace hardware. I am using the stock motor and servos, but using a Berg reciever on my 72 mHz channel and the 3 blade prop and nut from the Parkzone Corsair (because they look more scale). I am not 100% happy with the way it came out, but there is still a bit painting to do.....
Posted by mastrsn | Feb 11, 2009 @ 08:40 AM | 7,892 Views

Hoopster Stick pt 1 (4 min 34 sec)

Hoopster Stick pt 2 (4 min 9 sec)
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