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Posted by mastrsn | Oct 26, 2008 @ 05:03 PM | 8,976 Views
This Slow Stick Perversion was called the "Heinkel Stick", based loosely on the WW2 Heinkel Jet Fighter. It was powered by an EDF-75 in a nacelle on the wing. Control surfaces were ailerons on the wing and a V-tail with mixer for rudder/ elevons. The Rudders were fashioned after the Slow Stick Rudder, but were not functional. The combonation of ailerons/ elevons made the Heinkel Stick quite menuverable, being able to do loops and rolls.

After the EDF burnt out (brushed motors don't like lipos), the motor was replaced with a tower pro 9Y swinging an 11*7 prop. VERY FAST!

The german marking were from Major Decals for a .40 size airplane. Paint was from the local Ace Hardware (Yes, they actually had paint close to the German Luftwaffe!)

I had so much fun with this design, I found and bought more dacals while flying at SEFF last year (or this year, just earlier...)
Posted by mastrsn | Oct 15, 2008 @ 05:48 AM | 9,286 Views
What do you do when you have a perfectly good Easy Star wing and lots of Slow Stick parts? You add a bit of perversion, spray on a bit of paint and call it an 'Easy Stick'. Dawn Patrol member Bill Birch has been flying one for years and has a lot of fun with his, so I figured it was my turn to try. I used my usual set up- a tower pro 2409-12 and an 18 amp speed control. I have tried to use the Aerobird Extreme wings before with little luck. The wings are too narrow and even though it was balanced right, it would loose altitude quickly in a turn. The Easy Star wing has more width and a nice airfoil. The wing also makes the Stick faster and more fun to fly. A welcome perversion to my fleet!
Posted by mastrsn | Oct 12, 2008 @ 03:15 PM | 8,944 Views
Two powered flights of the X-15 Rocket Plane this morning. Both went off flawlessly. I flew the Trainer and Bill Mc Neal flew the X-15. Steve De Loach videoed. Both planes flew perfectly without any problems. The X-15 responded to the Rocket ignition with no ill- effects. It was really cool hearing that rocket motor ignite and watch the plane scoot across the sky!

Now, to modify the X-15 for the bigger 'D' size motors and there's talk of a Rocket powered X-1 in the near future as well......

R/C X-15 (8 min 15 sec)