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Posted by mastrsn | Aug 28, 2008 @ 08:50 PM | 9,821 Views
Here's what happens when you have either too much time on your hands or are really in need of a perversion 'fix'.....

A buddy of mine- wmcneal and I took the Slow Stick to the next level by drawing up the wing and tailfeathers, along with all the measurements and multiplied them by 200%. The end result is a Slow Stick with a 96" wingspan weighing about 7lbs! Motor is a Tower Pro 3520-7T-8△ swinging a 13x8 prop. Wing is Fan Fold that comes apart in 3 sections for transport. Elevator and Rudder is Depron. Wheels are Dave Brown 6" foam (largest I could find). We use 2- 2200mAh batteries in series for power.

Flies like a regular Slow Stick, but slower! Cruises comfortably at 1/4 throttle and doesn't want to land! We have flown it at Giant scale meets, SEFF and at all the local flying fields. Heck, we fly it at the Soccer Field it's so dosile!

'Mini Me' is a standard Slow Stick with a Tower Pro (BP-12) motor, painted up tp look like Mega Stick.....
Posted by mastrsn | Aug 28, 2008 @ 11:08 AM | 9,367 Views
Here are some more pictures I found.

The Twin Stick is an upgrade from my earlier designs. Powered by two Tower Pro- 21s, it has an elevon mixer incorporated with the speed controls for independant speed control. It can turn on a dime in the air! I also used the Dubro foamy landing gear, it is mush stiffer and helps with the CG.

Finnaly, my latest project. A Slow Stick frame with the wing from an e-flite 'Ascent' glider, it's fast under power, but can glide in a thermal with the best of them!
Posted by mastrsn | Aug 08, 2008 @ 01:34 PM | 9,134 Views
Here are my latest and fully- flying aircraft. Pictured below is the "Mega Stick", a 200% size Slow Stick, and it's little brother "Mini Me". Also, is a Tower Hobbies .40 trainer, electrified, as well as a 'The World Models' Sky Raider, also electrified, and my X-15 from Frank Burke plans that is actually "Rocket Powered" with an Estes Rocket motor.