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Posted by gsloca | Mar 21, 2013 @ 01:22 AM | 2,985 Views
The Sparrowhawk is finally finished! At least as "finished" as it's going to be. I displayed it at the Northwest Hobby Expo in February and was awarded 2nd place in class. I will be giving a presentation about the Akron and Macon and the Sparrowhawks at my local club meeting in the near future so will display it there. Then I might consider trying to fly it.
Posted by gsloca | Apr 30, 2012 @ 02:22 PM | 2,424 Views
Sparrowhawk is coming along. The easy part is done - now need to make fiberglass cowl, landing gear, and hook mechanism. I'm especially pleased with the "flying trapeze" logo. It is from artwork supplied by Williams Bros.


Posted by gsloca | Apr 12, 2012 @ 01:42 PM | 2,318 Views
Born Dec. 23, 1930 in Dayton, Ohio, I grew up in southern California. My modeling started out when I was 9 or 10 building Strombecker solid wood airplanes held together with a powdered glue mixed with water to make a paste. In my early teens (during WW-II) I built quite a few rubber powered kits - Comet and Guillows (sp?) as I recall - that flew very poorly. My first scratch building attempt was a small control line bi-plane from plans in one of the magazines. I didn't have money to get an engine so weighted the nose for balance and flew it on a length of fishing line from one of dad's fishing poles - I think it was called whip flying. It was great fun. In my later teens I built a 3-foot span Wigeon from plans. Again no money for motors so it hung on the wall for several years. A sailplane was built but no place to fly it.

Fast forward through college,10 years work at the Naval Ordnance Test Station, and marriage with no modeling. Built another glider shortly after marriage, then another 10 years and a control line profile ME 109. This one got an engine but 1st and only flight was a disaster - it was straight overhead and the lines went slack! A few years later a radio control sailplane was built. Flew fine but I over controlled and wiped it out. Then in about 2010 my son got into RC and I followed suit. At my age (you do the math) learning to fly is a real challenge but I'm getting there with a foam Super Cub. Added ailerons and that helped. Also got a...Continue Reading