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Posted by enemyace19 | Sep 02, 2010 @ 07:12 PM | 2,447 Views
Killer Skies
By W.D.Everett

I break the bonds of earth in flight,
Machine and man are braced to fight..
In grueling battles not yet fought.
I must remember what Iím taught.

For danger lurks from up above.
With enemies that hold no love.
No quarter given and none asked,
For death is our appointed task.

Below me flaming coffins fall,
These men, for country gave their all.
An unmarked grave in no-mans land,
Forever keeps them from loves hand.

All thoughts of this I cast away,
For trouble brews and bars my way.
Above a flight of three to six,
My eyes are focused to their tricks.

I gain some height and turn to see ,
Their number now has grown by three.
A novice turns and starts to run,
I watch the others, check my guns.

He dives away to find escape,
Unknowing that this seals his fate.
Behind him now I lead him some,
With two short bursts, my work is done.

A graceful twisting, spiraling, turn,
And soon his craft begins to burn.
With unquenched hunger flames devour.
As I look on and cut my power.

Too much for him, persuasion reigns,
He jumps to quickly end his pain.
The others soon give up the chase.
Discretion so takes valorís place.

I go below to see his end,
While Tommieís come to tear and rend.
Some souvenirs to send back home,
Not even him they leave alone.

Disgusted as I turn for base,
And try so to forget this place.
Alone up in the empty blue,
The clouds float by a silvery hue.

They lie so harmless in the sky,
And watch as good men come to die.
At last my wheels touch on the ground,
So happy now, for home Iíve found.

Until the early mornings rise,
When I return to killer skies