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Posted by jayw81 | Jul 10, 2010 @ 08:13 AM | 2,160 Views
wow... a whole new world i never knew existed!!

my son was given a 3-channel coax rc helicopter for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. as soon as i had it into the air (coz i had to help him of course ) i was hooked. i had no idea that could be so much fun.

in the last week I have been trawling the net for info on heli's and came across this forum. OMG!!! what a gem! there is more info on here than i could ever imagine. over 1.5 million messages in the electric heli section and another 40,000 in the fuel heli section. in one week i have learned about the different types of heli, the difficulties of flight, the frustrations and problem areas that different models experience and the utter thrill and elation of a 'perfect flight'.

now i'm kinda cash strapped so i was stunned when i saw the little (and not so little) heli's that people were making in their own homes with hand tools and needed to know more. as soon as i am able i will be making one or more of these little marvels! the best thing i think about DIY is the fact that if you crash and burn, it is relatively easy to repair yourself or just make a new one and transplant the electronics.

as i search for all the info i can on making my own heli i am struck by how obscurely hidden some of these awesome threads are so i am undertaking to glean all the info i can from them and compile a guide to DIY helicopter building. to anyone who has built from scratch or heavily modified a helicopter using home made parts... can you help please? i want to make this a comprehensive resource made by people who make the heli's. the more assistance i get the better the result will be for anyone who wants to have a go at creating their own heli.

time to go.. much to be done