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Posted by headman6992 | Jul 13, 2010 @ 01:58 AM | 2,171 Views
havnt had much time to do this so i got to it tonight here u all go here is the july 8th flight #1
Posted by headman6992 | Jul 11, 2010 @ 12:52 PM | 2,304 Views
ok so yea i didnt do it right but luckly doc ustin showed up and we went to his place and tryed yet again to fix it now i have some one eles thinking about it cuz we can not get it to go back as of yet so no slick for me for now so ill keep all of u up dated
Posted by headman6992 | Jul 11, 2010 @ 09:34 AM | 2,413 Views
Hey every body im about to be heading off to LFC here shortly to test the slick update yall later today
Posted by headman6992 | Jul 10, 2010 @ 11:12 PM | 2,567 Views
today kinda sucked i had my first major dumb thumb i was in high rates and thought i was in rates and well she shoot up then i put down and down she went pulled back up killed the throttle and she hit so hard she was on her belly the end result is a pair of landing gears needed (already got) i tweaked the elevator so i used my monocoat iron and heated it to str8ten it best as possible am going to test fly her in the morning will update on repairs tomorrow
Posted by headman6992 | Jul 09, 2010 @ 01:01 AM | 2,187 Views
hey everyone im back and today was a awsome day out at LFC we had Doc Austin, Ken and Shawn who all are amazing pilots i have 1 video done to post today it was the first video of me flying my slick after the Doc and i put side force generators on the slick boy let me tell u what it made the elevator so rock solid it isnt even funny and for just starting it was easy as soon as i figure out how to post video on here i will till then have a great night
Posted by headman6992 | Jul 08, 2010 @ 11:31 AM | 2,342 Views
hey every one im off work today bored at the house probably gonna play ps3 in a minute after i finish this but later today around 6pm local time i am going to go fly with the infamous Doc Austin at LFC i will post my videos of the flights i have today hopfully i get to fly my slick havnt flown it much lately been kinda windy here so we shall see tonight till then later everyone
Posted by headman6992 | Jul 08, 2010 @ 12:08 AM | 2,464 Views
Hey everyone my name is Mike Penney i live in pinellas county Fl and fly with the LFC (Largo Flying Club) i have started this blog to show people my experience learning 3D flight i am always open to feedback on my videos so please feel free to comment here is some back ground info Name is Mike Penney father of 1 he is 4 year old son I enjoy most things r/c i have done nitro cars trucks ect also done electric cars and trucks also my dad flew when i was a kid and i always wanted to fly so about a year ago i bought a heli tried learning that yea rite lol spent way to much money so i told the wife i can fly planes so i bought the ultra micro p51 mustang and went and flew it and man i loved that plane flew so well i said hey what the heck ill fly planes and give up heli`s so i did i then bought a park zone F4U corsair and began my flying experience before i joined Largo Flying Club i flew this plane 3 time that's it 3 time this is a 44 inch wingspan from a 13 inch wingspan i know fly the F4U and a 3D hobby shop`s AJ slick 42 inch i have a pic of the slick on my profile pic thats my baby she has all of about 30 flights on her so she is new lol a big thanks to ken elder at 3Daero for his help in setting up the plane thank man! another big thanks to the infamous doc Austin for his help in teaching me some cool new moves to practice thanks also man! well im done for tonight i will post video of the flight of the F4U flights today later hope to get feedback soon later