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Posted by goodhumormarc | Sep 27, 2012 @ 01:10 AM | 5,636 Views
I made my First Delta! MAn I have been looking to build some kind of pusher for combat but wasnt sure what. I saw this new thread and decided to try it out since I wanted something faster than my Bipe but didnt want to rebuild my F-22 although it does hold a special place in my heart as my first pusher and it was a build with a great friend of mine who showed me about scratchbuilding. I first built this and went to test it with a 3800kv motor only to have it yard dart itself due to a faullty servo! It fell a good 50ft straight down at about 20mph into some tall grass. I thought It was a gonner! There was some smashage to the lipo pack and the shroud but all in all the air frame bent but with a few bamboo skewers inserted it became nice and rigid! not bad for foam and tape! Oh my AUW is 17.2oz! yeah a little over a pound! by far my heaviest build. This, My 1st Delta, Aptly named D1 is great to fly! easy to see easy to build and is quite predictable. It tracks great and Glides awesome! I just point it where I want and burn a hole in the SKY! Thanks to Brandonherring for this THREAD