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Posted by goodhumormarc | Sep 06, 2010 @ 05:22 PM | 3,740 Views
After what seems months I had a minute to myself to go outside on a calm morning and Fly! I have been trying not to let this helicopter Hobby intrude into my home life. I have been able to practice with my mSR just about everynight after the kids are in bed. I flew that first this morning to get my mind set. Two Lipos later and I was ready. I grabbed my SR and did my prefight checks and spooled up. There I was in the empty cul-de-sac with the SR. just sittin there in hover about eight feet off the ground.....WOW! What a great feeling. I had the jitters for a few minutes. A little over correction here and there and away went the jitters. I was hovering with out any problems! I sat her down and made a few minor trim adjustments and took off again. NOt a crash, not even close! a nice hover andcyclic movements around in front of me and off to the side. I used to be scared of this SR. Now I know I have a lot more knowledge and experience and am looking forward to more flights with her.