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Posted by Kerry Challis | Jun 20, 2011 @ 03:16 AM | 2,981 Views
General Comments and Notes
Iam documenting a build of a Tiger Moth from the 2002 FSM free plan by Peter Rake. The change will be to the motor from the 400unit to a new Bell type motor. I will add some external extra detail but will not get at all over the top.
The rest of the build will follow Peters plan, it is only to be a change to the motor that I'am really looking at.

Later down the track came some requests for additional changes, riging wires, some fuel tank detail, ribs, ailerons and pull pull controls.

Note that the plan is in imperial not metric and all wood will be hand cut in this build so may look a little used.
This build blog is mainly for me to ensure I finish it..I do have a lot of good intensions hanging around the shed...and my wife ....well you know the rest. It would appear that you can build this from almost nothing, all except the spars have come out of my scrap box, covering, R/C and motor excluded.

In contact with Peter, his advise is that the wood only weight of just a bit over 6 oz is a good figure but to look for an all up max weight of 20 oz or less of course is better.

Wing span: 35.5'' (902mm).
Colour:Yellow fuse and silver wings
Weight:Just over 6 oz (Wood only)
Weight:??.?? (No R/C)
Weight:20 oz (Flying, is the aim)
Motor/Elec Gear: S2 battery,deciding rest
Prop: Deciding
Covering: Dope and tissue pre coloured

Moth 1 Fuse (Picture) 01/06/11
Front end of the Moth,,with new lite ply...Continue Reading