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Posted by Biggles1 | Feb 16, 2012 @ 09:07 AM | 4,582 Views
Being retired for a few years and with time on my hands I helped kick our club off in 2009.

I was flying electrics for a couple of years in a local park with a growing group of weekend flyers and I suggested to the group that they let me try to find a block of ground and that we think about forming a club.

The rationale behind it being that our numbers were growing, the park we were using was well used by other members of the community and the risk of injury to other park users or damage to vehicles in the park was becoming a major concern. I wasn’t the only one that felt this way; the majority of the other guys who were flying there had similar concerns.

The group gave me the nod, wished me luck, and off I went.

I spent the next three weeks on Google maps looking for any suitable open space in the local area (and further afield) and after quite a few “NO you cant use it” responses, I finally located an area which my research established was… 1) council owned land, 2) was zoned recreational RE1, 3) was flood prone and never likely to be developed, 4) had been disused for over 30 years, 5) was a big enough flying area and just far enough away from homes for use by electrics.

Sure the area was a mess by anyone’s standards, for it had been used illegally over that 30 years by 4wd clubs and trail bikes, even stolen cars and other things had been dumped in the area during this time. This activity had caused council to shut off the access road which was now...Continue Reading