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Posted by rcjim11 | Nov 25, 2011 @ 01:57 PM | 3,565 Views
My old Bludart got smashed up a bit and don't fly as good as it did, so I smashed it up and am currently building a new one.
Here is the progress:
One thing that I learnt is that the foam fuse is susceptible to breaking in half upon a poor landing in tall grass so on the new build I have put bamboo skewers along the length of each of the sides to give cheap insurance against breakages.

I have also increased the size of the control surfaces to 2" from 1.5", which should make it a completely new plane!

You may also notice that I have added LEDs to it and will be doing some night flying. My old config consisted of two strips along each side of the fuse and a strip on the rudder and the size of the elevator. However that proved difficult to orientate when in a hover. Now I am going to outline the whole of the wing and the sides and we will hopefully see an improvement. Check back soon for a night flying vid!

The wing
I am planning on making a few different wing sizes. I am going to test the original, a new wing with a 2" increased root chord and also varying dihedrals.
Posted by rcjim11 | Nov 14, 2011 @ 11:26 AM | 3,797 Views
I have been flying one of these and so far it is going very well, especially in the wind.
The original thread is here, I just tiled the PDF using this tiler

Here is a quick video:
PiPlane (0 min 43 sec)