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Posted by MCWhite | Jan 09, 2011 @ 08:17 PM | 3,116 Views
Hobbylobby 71" PA-12 Supercruiser.

The ARF build was fairly straight forward. This plane did not come with instructions, so you will need to download from the Hobby Lobby site. The instructions are for an intermediate level builder, as many small details are not listed and refer back to builder knowledge. The model quality is very good.

Minor Build Issues: Very Minor
1) Main wing strut pre-drilled hole was not in good alignment with wing hole. When attached the strut placed enormous stress on connections. I had to drill an additional hole that was better aligned, relieving the torque.

2) Cowling attachment was a little tricky. Two of the wood blocks cracked during installation (Thin CA was used to repair) and the cowling is not supposed to screw down flush to firewall, making it tough to get proper alignment with shaft.

3) The recommended spacers for the electric motor conversion were not needed in order to fit cowling in line with motor shaft. The electric .25 motor fits without any spacers.

4) No build instructions- You have to download basic instructions from Hobby Lobby site. An intermediate builder will need to fill in the blanks with prior knowledge, in order to complete build.
**Entire build took about 7-8 hours.

Electronics and motor used:
* Motor-.25 sport-Headsup RC
* 50A Ez Speed Controller w/BEC-Headsup RC
* HS422 Standard Servos-BP Hobbies
* Batteries-(2) 2200 mah Lipo's in parallel-Headsup RC
* Bobble Head make shift...Continue Reading
Posted by MCWhite | Nov 11, 2010 @ 07:34 PM | 3,784 Views
The following upgrades can be made on the 38" Hobbico/Flyzone Piper Cub.
1) Upgrade to Brushless In Runner using EFlite 6 Series Brushless 2000kv
2) Rear Tail area replaced with Balsa Rudder and Elevator-Allows for more stable control.
3) Steerable Tailwheel
4) Larger wheel for improved grass field flights.
5) Larger battery hatch to allow for 2200 7.4 lipo

* 8x6 prop works well, along with 7x4....Continue Reading
Posted by MCWhite | Jul 06, 2010 @ 02:03 PM | 3,339 Views
I've been actively learning to fly RC Planes over the last 6 weeks (JUne 2010). I stumbled across a guy by the name of Ralph McCafferty. I've ben looking for someone close by that didn't mind teaching me a few things. Since then, I have learned some technical aspects of the hobby and most of all flying. I guess in a matter of 10 hours or so, I have learned to keep the plane in the air and recently did figure eights and landings. I'm learning on an E-Starter Foam plane with a few special modifications from Ralph's work bench. This learning experience is totally awesome and Ralph has taken my son and I under his wing to learn and grow in the RC Hobby. I love flyin RC and hope to become as good and skillful as Ralph.