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Posted by MADISONMaster | Dec 20, 2014 @ 01:36 PM | 4,401 Views
An small idea for a Rafale Cockpit scale of 1/10 (here for the Rafale CNC)

I am based on a scale of 1/10 and I have used JP pilote .......but I have replaced with the new Jet Hangar pilote
the seat being very inclined ,
I used pictures that you can find on internet to try to get something realistic
Everything is made ​​with foam, carbon cloth strips of thin plastic and paint .......
Total added weight (with pilote): 75 gr

Here some pictures for you...............

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Feb 21, 2014 @ 06:03 PM | 5,099 Views
An small idea for a F16 Cockpit scale of 1/10 (here for the F16 STARMAX)

I am based on a scale of 1/10 and I used one pilote I had in reserve (J Perkins)
the seat being very inclined (knees up), we had to find a pair of legs to fill the cockpit, I used a pair of legs of a pilot Mig 15 that I cut (I needed that bust for MIG 15)
I used pictures that you can find on internet to try to get something realistic
Everything is made ​​with balsa, carbon cloth strips of thin plastic and paint .......
I used a packing box of epoxy glue to the back part...
Total added weight (with pilote): 52 gr

Here some pictures for you...............

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Jul 11, 2013 @ 01:45 PM | 5,592 Views
Hello !

Small ideas for lines and rivets on your jet foam - I found a method after several trials !! that I practice for 5 years ........

First thing to do the work surface as shown in this post:

Second thing, lightly draw the line panels and bring a box of toothpicks or wheel sewing clothes
- Make small holes with toothpick at equal distances (it is very long to do!) or with the notched wheel sewing on the lines you have drawn
- Reseal all the holes with filler (JePe or AXTON) you can put Styro cyano in the holes before ... you can put wood glue instead the filler but watch out for signs of glue if it dries too fast !!
- Spend a cloth to make it appear as miniscule white dots, ....... your surface will be more realistic
... For lines drawn with a metal tip injuring the fiber , put filler and wipe with a cloth ...
- Again a small layer of primer and then the paint finish

good patience !!!

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Jun 21, 2013 @ 11:44 AM | 5,178 Views

here you can see the thread for the new manufacturing of the SCORPION from AVIATION DESIGN ...

good read

Posted by MADISONMaster | Jun 15, 2013 @ 05:35 AM | 7,371 Views
Hello !

I am currently building the ESM DHC-2 Beaver LWS -
it is not yet finished - I redid a wing with flaps and a stabilizer with a profile
The new wing is equipped with LED - the new wing area is 35 dm2 and 64" for the wing span (Large Wing Span - LWS)
I installed a pilot in the cockpit..and will change the wheels with 76mm ROBART
Weight estimed at 3.4kg with the robbe AirBeaver Soundcheck (gadget) Switchable by the transmitter
robbe AirBeaver Soundcheck (0 min 29 sec)

i make a Mexicana version from one of my idea....

Engine: size 42 // - 2x 2S 5000 25C (srial) - ESC 60A Turnigy Plush + GPS (Hott Graupner technology)
Here a diagram of the implementation of lipos (2x 2s 5000)

i have make i secure access hatch for my BEAVER
it works very well and it is a reassuring system

I have tested the motor (TWISTER 40) on the bench
3.1 kg of traction with a Graupner propeller 11x7x3 - 68A - 15.4V !

I reduced my consumption by changing throttle curve with the MX20 and down to 56A - 15.10v which gives 2.8Kg traction than enough for BEAVER !
This engine consumes too much with the 11*7*3 Graupner (56A (2.8kg) for 45A max during 10s) and it was beginning to feel burned , i stop immediatly the tests !!! --- too hot during the tests so, i will replace it by a more stronger to have the 2.6 kg of traction !!
I will use a 3A UBEC for servos and the receiver ...

I mounted the new wheels (ROBART 76mm painted) and adjusted the legs and the door with screws ..and I make a...Continue Reading
Posted by MADISONMaster | May 21, 2013 @ 11:04 AM | 5,343 Views

a small modification to solidify the rear fuselage keeping the flexibility of the fiber
the added weight is 26 gr (Materials and glue)

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Apr 27, 2013 @ 02:10 PM | 5,259 Views

today i try the GPS function on my MX20
For information, tests carried my signal dropped to 60 m with the model 2m above ground
Flight testing on a small Cessna 380-e of 1.10m with a GR16 + GPS antenna outputs and headphones on my head (to the limit of visual inspection of the aircraft at a distance of 400m/500m, it you almost have binoculars to not crash !!) I still had 70% to 75% of the telemetry signal reception - there was no problem of cohabitation of Quanum and Hott systems. (already used consistently with the Futaba FASST system)
Voice announcements controlled as well as the repeat function are great -
I confirm that the telemetry screen located in the middle of the transmitter is unusable during the flight, it must be transported for a comfortable visual screen (for me) ... .. Otherwise use voice announcements ...

In pictures attached, a refund (still picture) pointed at a distance of 400m and 47m altitude can give you an idea about the data and the quality of the signal recorded at this time...

Posted by MADISONMaster | Mar 15, 2013 @ 04:38 AM | 6,984 Views
Hello !

Some pictures of the ELECTRON system with brakes (80mm) and E-Retract airbrakes 30mm that i put on my Scorpion AD - I little mod on the BEHOTEC NL 155L to mount the brake block....

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Aug 25, 2012 @ 12:54 PM | 6,637 Views
Hello to all

I tried to reproduce the Main legs of F18 (with Lanxiang legs) with ball joints, tubes, pitons, (with photo real) ... weight from one leg: 74 gr with compact foam wheel diameter 60mm and wide 24mm - it can accommodate a 60mm wheel Eurokit but heavier and less wide) - The brake block is made from floppy disks.
I use the electric retracts RC LANDER (5-7.5Kg), It's solid

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Aug 18, 2012 @ 07:25 AM | 6,900 Views
Hello everyone ....

The goal is to flatten the turbine into the slot and having a mounting with the maximum seal (a small leak can easily bring down the pressure of 100 grams!), So it to do a second removable panel to be enough room to mount the power turbine/engine/nozzle already assembled - it will only leave the nozzle outlets to follow suit. (here, the pictures shows the assembly without the engine, but with the engine (ARC 3665-1 or ARC 3675-1), it is the same, just need to connect the 3 cables)

-support is simple, two hardwood sticks with two insert nuts, a seal (to prevents rotation engine block in high speed and absorbs vibrations), a compression ring CTP doubled.
you must make a culet on the nozzle with resin (or other materials) - Exits diameter of the nozzle are 58 mm and made from food packaging and Rhodod, silicone seals

The installation is quite fast and without nervous breakdown
- Assemble the turbine with its engine
- Set the compression ring with the seal on the turbine.
- Fit and seal (elastomer tape) the nozzle of the turbine and the passage of connects
- Position the nozzle exit in each location of F18 by sliding backwards
- Nested block in the turbine nozzle F18 - tighten the compression ring with the 2 BTR screws
- Follow the two nozzle outlets (slide forward) and place the locking piece and finally connect the cables and close the removables panels ....
that's all ... and it's solid ...
Added weight: about 80g

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Posted by MADISONMaster | May 13, 2012 @ 04:24 AM | 7,260 Views

I enjoyed a bit of free time to dedicate myself to the nosewheel of F18 to F18 from a train home BANANA-HOBBY
The result is amazing after a few blows saw, repainting, ask a mod for headlight and make it adaptable to train RC LANDER 7.5 Kg
and the product is quite strong in spite of some reinforced plastic parts but that remains of the decor nonfunctional

Weight with 45mm wheels (Wheels plastic / rubber from the main gear F18 BANANA-HOBBY): 64gr ----- replacement by Dubro 45mm wheels
With shock compressed size: 145 mm
With shock uncompressed: 160 mm

Some pictures of this little hack which, combined with a retractable undercarriage RC LANDER 7.5 kg, should be very robust

Now, more mainstream it's in the fuselage, but it will not for now, I think hacking the main gear soon ...

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Apr 29, 2012 @ 03:28 PM | 7,093 Views

I think motorized FLYLFY Mirage with the Extreme Allow Midi FAN 90mm + ARC 3665 + ICE 100 + 6S 5000 45C.

The difficulty is to make amendments in the fuselage so it can be disassembled quickly and without damage
- Anyway, cut the fuselage for this FAN be removable ....

Here's an idea for mounting and dismantling the extreme Allow Midi FAN 90mm on the FLYFLY Mirage without damaging the fuselage....
- The method of double-sided tape is very good but I have doubts for disassembly without damage !

- The dismantling of the FAN for cleaning (every 10 flights for me) or replacement part will be very fast without destroying the fuselage (Time : 5 min)
- 6 screws on the seal plate (hard wood) of the FAN prevents it from turning
The fixing of the rear portion is made by transverse screws on the hard wooden dowels

Here is an illustration of my idea in pictures ..... Good Mod

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Mar 11, 2012 @ 03:02 PM | 9,119 Views
How to fiber the FOAM ??

you must sand the paint very well and apply the filler (Jepe or AXTON light ; the result is the same !) with a spatula very diluted (as the dough liquid - i call this the WATER-FILLER) - wait 24 hours drying (i presume chemical saturation of the water-filler in EPO or EPS)
- sand very fine (much dust) and not too bring up the foam (we should no longer see the foam - it makes a thin layer of filler)
- a layer of PU finish with paint brush (secures the water-filler will become less brittle - the layer of filler becomes translucent )
- drying 12h - and put fiber with PU finish (with paint brush)
- drying 12h - another layer of PU finish - drying 24h
- paint with an acrylic resin paint (2 layers - 2x 12h) - here i use paint undercoat brand "NUANCE"
- drying 24h - sand very well with water sand paper 400 (allows the light to see the faults - it is smooth as glass ! )
- paint the primer - then the last color
The work is a little rough and the plane will gain weight! (about 25 gr for the half of the fuselage ot this M2000..without paint finish)
I use this method for EPO (longer due to sanding) and EPS - I work each piece separately for convenience
here, some views on the Mirage 2000 (with HK 50gr/m2 ...)
I have trying with 80gr/m2 on the F16 STARMAX and it is better than 50gr/m2 !!
Small ideas for lines and rivets on your jet foam

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Oct 07, 2011 @ 02:37 PM | 10,330 Views
One idea for FLYFLY Mirage cockpit....

This cockpit is inspired from the M2000-9 two-seater for my FLYFLY Mirage (you must buy the kit Park Flyer Plastics FlyFly Mirage cockpit upgrade) - Dashboards (of my design) are printed on transparent adhesive sheets, then, paste these printed on rodoid and on white support ; it create an optical effect. (80g with canopy)
Here is a vue to inside cockpit of the Mirage 2000-9 m2k9 otherwise appointed, the latest and most advanced of our beloved Delta Dassault Aviation and Some views of my realization with my exclusive board to stick on the kit Park Flyer Plastics -(

Good mod !

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Aug 09, 2011 @ 03:33 PM | 8,730 Views
Some views of the new location of the ESC and of the EDF in place (F100 FLYFLY).
The new location of the esc in front of the EDF got to an easier installation and a good cable access (which will be shorter)

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Aug 01, 2011 @ 04:17 PM | 10,418 Views
With this solution, the elevator do not move laterally ; just with a 4 mm carbon tube ! (so no more weight)
Some views of the construction of elevator and the new location for his servo - the wiring through the foam (for two servos GWS Park HPX 3.6 kg screwed and replaceable) -The elevator servos should be identical and debate in the opposite direction - The elevator controls are shorter and more precise - To save a channel, you can use the mounting TURNIGY speed and servo reverse
the stabilizer is gluing only at the end of assembling of your plane! Do not glue the small black plastic box immediately as stipulated in the notice (for the correct installation of the stabilizer with the wing)
The last vue is the color of the F100 Arctic version
good mod

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Jul 23, 2011 @ 04:22 PM | 9,541 Views
MOD: a rudder on the F100 FlyFly

1 - Cut the rudder
2 - dig the foam inside the drift (half round)
3 - install the hinge (screws 3 mm and carbon tube)
4 - dig the foam and install the servo
5 - here, the version is designed for a speed sensor - digging the foam on the top and make the hole for the pitot tube
6 - wire the servo and sensor (the cables through the foam)
7 - to finish installing the cowlings - here, the rudder is covered with fiber and painted (aluminum color paint)

final weight with the servo: 112 gr
The last vue is the color of the F100 Arctic version

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Posted by MADISONMaster | Dec 29, 2010 @ 04:22 AM | 10,423 Views
For cutting doors, I used a Dremel cutting disk freehand
I had the fuselage properly seated on the knees, right elbow firmly secured to hold the shifting also appropriate and reduce the "shaking hand"
Attention, we tend to make a circular motion so well reposition itself in line every 2 cm scarcely touching the fiber while holding his breath
Work in the shaft as far as possible to have better control of alignment
here, the doors of the main landing gear are not yet completely cut, it will see the gear up for the footprint of cutting
Last photo: A temporary landing gear made locally for the static show ...Continue Reading
Posted by MADISONMaster | Dec 27, 2010 @ 11:30 AM | 10,104 Views
For your HET F18 90mm; A little look more
Tanks and missile came from
The ramps and support tank are a personal manufacturing
Each missile with the ramp weighs 16 grams (removable)
Each container weighs 60 grams with soupport (removable) - This will be for the static show (fairly common in our club for different events)...Continue Reading